Whitesburg KY

Reader says to watch for sexual predators while trick-or-treating

To the Editor :

Halloween is quickly creeping around the corner. In the past, as I recall, our main concern as parents was that our children would receive tainted candy from some diabolical soul that enjoyed the thought of our children becoming sick. Now our society has advanced to an era that may be scarier that anything Halloween has ever represented in the past; undetected sexual predators lurking in the shadows around our children.

For this reason I urge all parents to be cautious this year. Parents should check and see where predators live. To do that, several websites are available to obtain information regarding the registered “Sex Offenders” in your area. Just to mention a few, nsopw.gov is an excellent site, in addition to familywatchdog.us/. The one I use most often is our Kentucky State Police website, kspsor.state.ky.us/. This web-site not only gives you information on all registered “Sex Offenders,” but you can also sign up to be contacted, via e-mail, if a registered sex offender moves to your area.

Since Halloween is known as an acceptable time for our children to freely come in contact with strangers, many states require convicted sex offenders to post a sign on their door saying “No Candy”. Additionally, predators on parole are also mandated to stay inside their homes and not answer the door for any children throughout Halloween night. However, until Kentucky enforces such restrictions, adults must step up to the plate and ensure the safety of our children on this traditionally happy occasion.

This letter is not intended to offend anyone; however, all individuals registered as “Sex Offenders” have been convicted of a sex related crime. As a mother and a grandmother, I strongly believe any and all public information should be readily available and utilized to ensure the safety of our children.

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