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Reader supports Rand Paul

To the Editor:

The recent attack propaganda by the liberal (or if you prefer to label it ‘progressive’) news media and the Democratic candidate against pro-constitutional Senate candidate, Republican Rand Paul reminds students of history of the tactics employed by the primary socialist of the World War II era. His most famous quote was, “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.” His name was Adolf Hitler.

We presently have a chance, quite possibly the last one, to turn our country around. If the voters can see through this maze of misinformation and select those candidates across this nation who understand the very critical situation which confronts America, we can begin to move our government back to the fine document which provided our people with the freedom to build the country which has given so many opportunities to seekers of the ‘American Dream.’

For the past several years, some elected officials have scoff ed at the United States Constitution. One President actually referred to it as, “It’s just a piece of paper.” Apparently, it interferes with the personal, selfish plans of the officials. Originally authored by James Madison, the United States Constitution is the planet’s most unique document because of the liberty it gives to the individual states and to our people. Let’s elect the candidates who will work to return our government to the Constitution, the document that has been admired around the world. Dr. Rand Paul is one of those dedicated, knowledgeable individuals who will uphold our Constitution. It doesn’t matter how we are registered to vote — Independent, Democrat, or Republican — but it is of great importance that we recognize that this election is crucial to our future, as well as to future generations.


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