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Reader to supply tape of song

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

How’s everything in your corner of the world?

Wish I could say great in this neck of the woods, but there’s just so much sadness anymore and I let affect me when I know there’s nothing I can do. If it isn’t sickness, it is death.

I received a very pleasant phone call and it really was a surprise. Henrietta Adams reads my column, and she’d seen I had mentioned the song I found in Mother’s Bible. I hadn’t heard this song since I was about 12 years old.

Most of the words are still in my memory as I loved the song when Irene Jones Gibson would sing it. Henrietta remembered the song as well and has a tape of it. Actually, she has played her copy so much that she has just about worn it out so she found the cover and called the person who had recorded the tape, and is getting me a copy.

Oh, how I thank Henrietta for being so very kind.

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. She is such a delight to talk to, and she called at a time that I wasn’t feeling well and I needed the uplift and the laughter.

When I wrote about this particular song I really didn’t expect to get a comment, much less have a total stranger get a copy for me. I’ve asked different people and no one ever heard of it so I thought maybe Irene had written it.

Thank you again, Henrietta, for being such a nice, caring person.

Henrietta said she really enjoyed the old sayings that were in my column.

Friday night, I met my dancing partner Alphine Stacy and her friend Bernice at Coon Hunters on the outskirts of Hamilton. This was the first time in quite a few months that I had been there, and when I walked in there were several who seemed really pleased.

Alphine and I danced almost every dance while Bob Jackson and his wife Shirley and the band played. Bob plays some clawhammer, and that I dearly love. Bob said they really enjoy watching Alpine and me dance. I said probably not as much as we enjoy dancing.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner this week. I know they were planning a trip to the mountains along with Larry and Becky Hasty.

Polly and her daughter slipped away for a week of fun and maybe a little rest before school starts.

I came home to find a care package from Johnny and Ann Calihan — fresh green beans, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. This is the second patch of half runners that I’ve had as someone else was so kind to share with me.

At times I miss having a garden and then I am just as glad I don’t have as it is just as easy for me to stop at a produce stand to get what little I fix. I guess I miss fried green tomatoes more than anything.

Ann isn’t up to par yet. I will be glad when she is back to her cheerful self.

Gwen Huff Farmer had some work done on her legs and now she is getting better. I knew you couldn’t keep Gwen down.

I’ve neglected corresponding with Shirley Wells so I guess we have some catching up to do.

Polly Maucher stays so busy that she doesn’t know whether she is coming or going!

I talked to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. Jerry had to go to the emergency room as he was ill again.

I faced some things this week and, oh, how I wanted to pick up the phone and call my brother Richie just to talk to him. Richie understood things that no one else could.

It will soon be a year that Richie took that final journey and it seems like yesterday. I can just imagine what it is like for Wanda and their children.

I stopped to see my daughter Angie and my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. If you have been there to hear what that kid said to me, well you would have laughed.

Angie has a picture of me taken about 17 years ago, back when my hair was dark and no wrinkles. It was a glamour shot. Bennie picks up the picture and says, “Mom Ma, don’t you wish you looked like you did back then?”

I thought Angie was going to whip him, and I said, “Don’t you dare to touch him.” After I quit laughing.

It is hard to believe that Bennie will be in first grade this year. He is reading things far beyond what he should be. Bennie loves the computer and can find things quicker than I can.

Oma Hatton, I hope you are doing great. Emma Lou Engle, I think about you and Red quite a lot. I hope you are doing all right.

Betty Kelly, I still think how nice it was sitting and reminiscing with you on your porch.

Doyle and Betty Ison are doing fairly well. I really enjoyed my visit there. I intend on going back soon as I love the view looking out over the sloping hill and the skyline you can see for miles.

Glenora Eldridge, I am really looking forward to seeing you Sept. 28 for Letcher County picnic.

Well folks, once again I am struggling as I have a heavy heart and a worried mind at the present time. I think I need a good bluegrass fix to perk me up or a visit back to the green, green grass of home.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone, 513-3674682.

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