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Real bear knocks over, and beheads fake bear


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful time with family and/or friends. Christmas is a special time of the year with special memories and meanings for everyone.

The family of Carolyn Faye Campbell would like to thank everyone for their prayers, hugs, flowers, food, and support given to the family. It was all appreciated and meant a lot.

A painting class was held on Wednesday to raise funds to help the family of Lanie Webb. It was a great painting class. Those attending the class were: Michelle Fields; Tayler Herrell; Jennifer Herrell; Crissy Sexton; Kendra Sexton; Bridget Back; Stacey Banks; Ashley Ison; Donna Watts; Maranda Webb; Marissa Webb; Kim Halcomb; Ari Fields, and Martha Wenning. The class was taught by Kenna Spears. My cousin Donna Watts and I had a good time.

A bear was in the neighborhood again. Our fake bear was knocked over and it had to have been a big bear. The fake bear body was at the bottom of the hill and the head was off to the side. A bear did get in the neighbor’s garbage and was probably the same one. Hopefully our fake bear can be put back together.

Our son Greg came in Tuesday evening and spent the night with us. The other two sons, Mark and Brad, came in on Wednesday and then went back that day. We appreciated them coming in for their Aunt Faye’s funeral.

Susan Ware and Jaimie Mefford spent Wednesday night with us. It was nice having company even though the reason was sad.

We had breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill on Thursday morning. We saw our cousin Carl Banks and our neighbor Patsy Adams. Our group included: John Campbell; Michael Campbell; Susan Ware; Jaimie Mefford; Debbie Vice; Joe Newell; Mike Wenning; and Martha Wenning. We enjoyed our meal together.

On Friday, Mike and I went to Pikeville as I had two doctor’s appointments. After the appointments, we drove to Florence. Our Menards order was in and we went to get it. It was definitely a long, long day.

As we were driving back through Lexington, we saw a strange traffic encounter. The traffic suddenly stopped and a white Camaro had to go on to the shoulder to avoid hitting a vehicle. The white Jeep behind the Camaro stopped quickly. The blue van behind the Jeep didn’t stop and hit the back of the Jeep. We were able to stop. The van put his blinker on to pull over but the Jeep kept going. The van followed the Jeep until the I64/I75 split. Then the van stayed on I75 and the Jeep stayed on I64. We passed the Jeep and the whole back bumper was dragging. After a few miles, we noticed the Jeep was behind us. We took the Winchester exit and went to the gas station. So did the Jeep. Mike said the Jeep driver got out of his vehicle, checked the damage, made a phone call and then left. Not only was the bumper off, there were wrinkles in the back metal of the Jeep. It was strange that the Jeep driver didn’t stop as it was the van’s fault. This made me think suspicious thoughts.

Madison Clair Bates was born on December 5, 2019. Her parents are Ashley and Ryan Bates, and her big sister is Brooklyn Eloise. The grandparents are Greg and Laura Bates, and Kevin and Jani Viox. Congratulations.

Whitesburg was one of the 2020 Levitt AMP winners. This is great for our community. I’m looking forward to the summer music.

This week’s quote: “The love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.”

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