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Reasons why your window is stuck, and what Judge Judy can do to fix it

Dear Car Talk:

I have a perplexing problem with the driver’s-side power window in my 2003 Plymouth Voyager. About three years ago, I pressed the button to roll it down and nothing happened except a faint “click” sound. I figured I would need to take it in, but I went on with life. I continued to press the button out of habit when I went to drive-thru windows, etc. About three weeks later, it worked again. About two months after that, it stopped working. I have been through this same working/not-working cycle about 10 times in the past three years. There seems to be no correlation with weather, temperature, driving frequency, distance — nada! Any idea as to what is going on? — Jamey

Well, since you’re driving an ‘03 Voyager and have demonstrated an impressive lack of urgency about this — living without a roll-down driver’s window for three years rather than pay a mechanic to look at it — I’m going to guess you don’t want to invest a lot of money in solving this puzzle. So start with the easiest approach to failing electrical equipment: Whack it.

Sometimes, when an electrical switch or motor is failing, tapping on it or giving it a jolt can bring it back to life — albeit temporarily. But everything related to an ‘03 Voyager should be viewed as temporary.

Assuming you’ ve checked the circuit breaker in the driver’s foot well and it’s good, start with the window switch itself.

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