Whitesburg KY

Reba Dunn was bitten by a copperhead

Cowan Creek

Soon we will begin to see the leaves fall and everyone putting out mums, pumpkins and other decorations.

Chase the leaves and make a wish. Then if you catch one throw it over your shoulder and make a wish. I remember doing this waiting on the bus back in my grade school days. Maybe I will teach my Collin and Connor to do that.

Thirteen days and counting on a mini vacation to Maryland with my cousins. I want to soak my feet in the sand. I love the ocean breezes. I’m so excited for five days there. I can live with that.

Happy birthday to Nancy Watts Hall of Cowan Creek. She turned 29 on Sept. 3. She is married to Terry Hall, a son of Andrew Hall and the late Nellie Hall.

Reba Dunn of Big Cowan got bit by a copperhead last week. I reckon they killed it. Shew! They would have to bury me. I would die of a heart attack for sure.

I hope she is better. They say all you can do is take a Tylenol and use a cool towel. Oh my.

Prayers for Wes and Debbie Rosenbaum. Wes has to have surgery for an aneurysm on Sept. 5. They reside in Florida now. They went to church at Faith Community before they moved there.

Prayers going up from the Big Blue State of Kentucky.

Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this place a better town if you can.

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