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Recalling Thanksgiving meals of the past

Southern Ohio

They grow them tall in Ohio. Dale Farmer is producer and director of Mountain Minor movie, and a very good friend, says Southern Ohio correspondent Rose Ballard.

They grow them tall in Ohio. Dale Farmer is producer and director of Mountain Minor movie, and a very good friend, says Southern Ohio correspondent Rose Ballard.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It seems each year at this time, my thoughts travel back in childhood, growing up in the mountains. Mom never knew what it was to fix a special meal for holidays.

Although Mom would always try to have a kettle of shucky beans, and bake a stack cake for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oh how I can almost smell the aroma of Mom’s stack cake, and visualize it, at the present time.

Mom made the stack cake from scratch she never used molasses nor brown sugar which meant the batter wasn’t dark, yet the v cake was so delicious.

How I wish I could recall the time back, to have her recipe, of how she made it, plus the way she made chow chow.

For Thanksgiving Mom would fix the usual supper of some kind of fried meat or chicken and dumplings, which there would also be fried potatoes along with a pone of corn bead.

Have you got your Thanksgiving meal planned, along with your Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped and under the tree.

Jameson Day is “my buddy”, says Grandpa Tim Day. Jameson is the great-grandson of Hayward Day.

Jameson Day is “my buddy”, says Grandpa Tim Day. Jameson is the great-grandson of Hayward Day.

It has been such a crazy year it doesn’t seem that Thanksgiving is just around the corner .It seems that Thanksgiving has been lost for several years between Halloween and Christmas.

As Christmas decorations are paced in stores along with Halloween. I don’t recall as many people already having Christmas decorations this early.

I will admit back in July I was tempted to put my Christmas tree up, to get my thoughts off this Coronavirus.

Different times I was tempted to bring my small Christmas tree from the basement, string clear lights just to have some brightness in my living room.

As usual I didn’t feel like doing either

Several years ago there was a plastic tree that looked real that was in homes. I had a small one with lights that I used for a couple of years, it finally quit working. I have looked for quite sometime and can’t seem to locate one.

At least we have been seeing quite a few beautiful days, there’s also been lots of foliage left, that is until the past couple of days.

This part of the Ohio valley area was under a wind advisory.

My son Keith Ballard has anchored the patio umbrella table, he leaves it up until it starts snowing, with the wind advisory, Keith lowered the umbrella.

Keith has worked himself until he has been bone tired.

I might have mentioned the fence in our back yard had become overgrown with trees and vines from the park behind us.

I mad e the mistake of saying I wish someone in the park district would clear so we could see something in the back, that I felt fenced in my own yard.

Not only that was a nuisance to look at, briars kept growing back as Keith would trim them.

Before I was aware of what was happening right under my nose, Keith had taken our chain link fence down ,he cleared the back so we can see across the ninety some acre field behind.

I was petrified I was going to be in trouble ,along with Keith.

When a Park ranger came by after Keith was almost finished cleaning up the mess, Keith got a stern talking to, and a warning not to attempt anything again without permission.

Thank God that was the end to me worrying, it does look so good to be able to see the view, of open space.

Forty seven years ago when we first moved here, ninety acres of the field was used for tomatoes.

Robinson & Swales rented the ground to raise tomatoes, when ready to pick they brought in Mexican workers to pick the tomatoes

Cars would pull over beside the road, people would steal tomatoes.

My husband at the time knew one of the owners, so I suggested a proposition, that we would pick the tomatoes and sell, then split the money.

I put a sign in front of our house, people would stop to place their order, we would pick the tomatoes, have them ready for pick up.

If I had an order during the day while Jack was working, a friend of mine would come to help me, now if you want to talk about hard hot work, try being out in a field with no trees for shade.

I believe with all my heart those were the biggest and most beautiful tomatoes I’ve ever seen in all my life.

At then end of the season, when I went to the bank to withdraw the money, we had made enough for our share, that we bought Keith a small Honda cycle that he enjoyed a couple of years.

Over the years the field has been used to raise corn, wheat and soybeans, for quite a few years it was left empty.

There were rumors of a gravel company interested in purchasing the acreage, oh did I ever Pray this would never happen, then we found out the Hamilton County park district were buying it ,making it into something called wetlands.

I have no idea what that means, except there’s small trees that have come up in the few years, and some beautiful wild flowers

Across the busy road in front of my house is a huge hayfield so I don’t have to0 look at someone’s roof top.

The small hills makes me think of the mountains of eastern Kentucky that I will always be home in my heart.

This horrific Pandemic Coronavirus, Covid 19 or whatever it is called is still in full swing, filling hospitals and taking lives.

Oh I almost forgot for a second, this is just a Hoax, nothing to worry about, and we have flattened the Curve!

If we have flattened the curve, then we must be on a curve that has a circle at the end, as it seems we are still at no end.

The State of Kentucky is fortunate to have a Governor like Brashear’s, that seems to care about the people.

Now I wonder what Mitch McConnell has ever done for Kentucky that people wants to fatten his wallet?

Please keep Johnny and Ann Calihan in your Prayers as they are going through a very difficult time.

Hello to Buddy and Bernice Grubb, I didn’t mean to leave your name out last week, as I got very ill while I was writing my column.

Les and Pat Wagner I hope you both along with all the family are doing alright.

Mike and Marcia Caudill ,I am hoping by March that this whatever is called is over ,so Carcassonne Community Center along with Campbells Branch can resume.

I miss my trips to the mountains.

Hello Hayward Day and Kim please stay safe.

Meantime I ‘ve got to get this on it’s way

Until next time

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