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RECAPS – 12/5-9



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Donna gushed to her sisters about the changes in her life. Jackie and Owen agreed on how to handle his taking work home. Bridget went to Forrester Creations to show support for the new collection. Pam asked Jackie for assurances that her stealing Forrester designs would be rewarded. Nick went out on the Shady Marlin with a special lady. Nick and Jackie hosted the press for an unveiling of their new line. Stephanie and Hope discovered Beverly taking pictures of the new Forrester fashions with her cell phone. Hope and the family discovered that Jackie M. had ripped off Forrester designs again. Nick asked Pam to continue her duties for Jackie M. Stephanie physically and verbally attacked Jackie. Pam asked Jackie to pay her for coming through. Katie learns the real reason Liam stayed with Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Bo and Hope pulled out the decorations and trimmed the traditional Horton family Christmas tree. Sami confronted Will about his blow up at Maggie’s. Nicole and Marlena exchanged nasty words. Abe officiated the Salem Christmas tree lighting. Doug and Julie made a surprise return visit. Still working on Grandma Alice’s mystery, Hope turned to two improbable sources for help. Abigail and Chad feel romantic sparks, but not for each other. The truth about the illegal sports gambling site comes to light. Chad and Melanie’s nightmare came to a shocking end. Austin was an unlikely hero. EJ planned a romantic, guilt-ridden evening. Kate felt empathy toward an unlikely foe. When others needed them, Jack and Daniel worked together. Marlena missed John. Jennifer continued to be attracted to Daniel and Jack.

THIS WEEK: Kayla returns to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Liz lashed out at Luke and Lucky for endangering Aiden’s life. Johnny continued to be attracted to Delores. Sam talked to Michael about rape as they commiserated with each other. Ethan had a confrontation with the Woman in White. Dante and Delores had a heart to heart talk, but later she swiped his evidence room key. In Bensonhurst, Sonny went to his childhood home and faced his younger self to discuss their demons. Jason was caged like an animal and lost his cool. Franco’s DVD gift for Sam was disturbing. Kate rescued Sonny when the emotional memories began to overwhelm him. Lucky told Liz that there was no going back for them. The cops gather all the suspects in Lisa’s murder, wondering if they all had a hand in the crime.

THIS WEEK: Carly received a DVD from Franco.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Bo told John his theory about who really killed Victor. Shane got Neela to wear a hidden tape recorder to get Jack confessing that he was responsible for Gigi’s death. Stacy went to the remodeled Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, and felt at home. Noelle invited Viki and Rex to the pie-off in Paris where she’d created a entry in honor of Gigi. Tomas contacted Blair via the web. Tea suspected that Todd killed Victor. Roxy was crestfallen to hear that Llanview’s best soap opera “Fraternity Row” had been canceled. Viki retreated from Clint when he mentioned Kim to her. Rex was shocked to hear that Cutter and Kim were brother and sister. Roxy urged Natalie to reunite with John and stop letting their chances slip away. Jack asked Neela out on a date. Clint violated his house arrest to stop Viki from leaving for Texas. Viki returns to her waitress role at the Bon Jour Café.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon was shocked when Victor confessed to killing Diane. Victor told Michael that Nikki had been drunk the night Diane was murdered and has no memory of what happened. Nick went to Newman Enterprises as Adam was claiming that Victor had put him in charge. Daniel and Eden crossed paths with Cane and Lily at the movies, firing Daniel’s jealousy. Victor assured Nikki that Michael would get him a fair sentence. Nick agreed to share custody of Faith only if Sharon stays away from Adam. Passion heated up between Eden and Daniel. The judge refused to accept Victor’s guilty plea because Ronan stepped forward with evidence that Victor had not worked alone. At home, Deacon confronted Nikki, saying that he had information that could destroy her family. At the stables, Adam tried to coerce Sharon into rekindling their passion, but she ran away from him and into storm.

THIS WEEK: Nikki goes on a drunken rampage against Sharon.

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