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Mostly sunny

Red Engle doing well

Northeast Ohio

Hello to family, friends, neighbors and anyone who may be reading this. Hope everyone is well and having a good day. It has been a very good one for me.

I was so tired I decided to stay home, but brother Larry and sister Patsy Newsome called and said they were going to visit Red and would pick me up to go with them. We had a good visit with Red and I must report he’s doing well and says he thinks he will be coming home soon. Sure hope so, I miss him and we’ve been married so long he seems like one of the family. If we make it to January 26, will be 67 years.

We ate at Perkins and our server was my favorite, yep, Catharine Ann (Engle) Taylor. Red and I both really love the Newsomes, fact is, Red says they can visit anytime as he likes talking with them. We really have a lot of love and support from all my church family and love each and everyone.

Just had company. Joyce stopped by for a short visit and have had several phone calls, some leave messages which I try to answer and some say they will call back. Still getting some really beautiful cards. Every call and every card is very much appreciated. Thank you! Got two books of stamps and as soon as things get better will be writing letters. I kinda miss that.

Valerie is doing well after her surgery, so it seems as though everything will be getting much better.

Catharine just called. She is getting off early so I must get this finished soon.

Bill, Redia and I have to be at nursing home tomorrow at 2:30 to attend a meeting for home care for Red. Guess we will find out all about the dos and don’ts. Just hope he does well and I know it will be much easier for me and all our friends. Won’t have to call someone to take me back and forth.

Till next time, stay well, have a great day and have a peaceful night. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle 4801 Clifton Ave. Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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