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Red Engle is a sharing man — even his cold

Northeast Ohio

Hey, y’all, and how well did you survive the holidays?

Right now the temperature is 33 degrees with sunshine. We’ve been having sunshine these past few days, but earlier had some horrific winds and rain.

Sunday was a good day. Chester and Jettie came for a visit along with their neighbors, Mike and Lisa Conway, who we now consider to be family. We had a real good visit just talking, laughing, eating doughnuts, and drinking coffee.

Did you ever do something and wish you could do it over? That’s the way I felt about last week’s article. I wrote it in such a hurry that it probably made no sense. Sorry about that.

Red still has a terrible cold, but his throat is better. He can talk! Bless his heart, he is such a generous soul and believes in sharing, but right now I do wish he could have been a bit selfish. Yep! He just had to share his cold with me and I sure enough ain’t been feeling too pert. I do feel some better today, but Red doesn’t. Soon, I hope!!

I want to send congratulations to our dear friend, Gaynell, who was recently married. She told me her husband’s first name, I jotted it down on a piece of paper and now I can’t find it. I wish them a long, loving life together and may they always be as happy as they are now, and I’m sure they will be. She’s originally from Payne Gap, in the Jenkins area, and he’s from West Virginia. They now live in Columbus, Ind.

Congratulations also to Henry (Junior) and Vera Bentley, who were married in April. Wishing you a long and happy life together and sending love and prayers your way. Henry, or Junior as we knew him, was our neighbor on Indian Creek where we all grew up. The Bentley family were more than neighbors, they were dear friends and more like family. Henry and Vera live in Lake Park, Ga. I hope that someday I will get to meet her.

Junior told me some sad news, which I had not heard. His brother, Edgar, died in May and was buried in Lexington, which leaves only Junior and Bonnie Craft of Letcher County. There were Ola, Estill, Junior, Edgar, Elzie, Bonnie, and of course, their mom, Cordelia, a precious person and a lady very well liked by the whole Sergent clan, all 11 of us, Dad, Mom and all nine children. Neighbors like the Bentleys are a rare breed nowadays, few and far between.

I took a long break recently. Our grandson, the truck driver, David, is in for a short vacation. He and his ever-so-pretty girlfriend, Meagan, came by for a visit, bringing more Christmas with them. I got another basket, so that makes me three and they all match. They are sold to support the Breast Cancer Society. I also got candles (apple pie) and an electric candle warmer. No more having lighted candles to get the aroma, thereby no danger of candles breaking or burning completely out. Red got some DVDs, a Garfield calendar (his hero), and a gift certificate to one of his favorite places to eat. We’ve had a really great Christmas, just hope the new year will be a good one.

You’ll never guess how Georgia and the five of us who go to her beauty shop were planning to celebrate the new year. Oh well, I’ll tell you. We planned to get our shampoos and sets Thursday morning just like always. We all decided that, as none of us do any partying, we’d just have our own at the shop. I’m was planning to pick up some cookies, and no, I did not intend to bake them, take them. I don’t want to start the new year off with a tummy ache.

I got up to our first measurable snowfall, about two inches or a bit more. Now the sun is shining but it sure has no warmth.

I haven’t heard from any of my away family in several days, so guess all are well. I hope they all had a great and happy Christmas and wishing them and every one a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Love and prayers to all. Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave. Lorain, Ohio, 44055. 1-440-233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, emmaengle@aol.com.

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