Whitesburg KY

Red Engle is going home

Northeast Ohio

Been a mixed kind of day here, snow, sun, windy and cold. Wind seemed to go right through one. It’s now five o’clock and the sun is shining as bright as summertime.

Had home inspection for Red on Tuesday. I was so stressed out I was almost sick thinking of all that might have to be done. Could have saved myself a lot of worry as it was not as much and complicated as I imagined. He will be coming home next Wednesday and I am so glad and thankful. I was trying to go every day but started staying home a day or two a week, which gave me a little downtime.

Georgia and I went to see him today. He had had therapy and lunch and was sitting in wheelchair in room, yawning. Guess we had been there an hour and a half when he decided he wanted to lie down. Got himself on bed and told us he was glad we came, in other words he was politely but surely asking or telling us it was time we should leave.

Richard and Georgia said they would probably stop by tonight and I’m sure Catharine will be here so I gotta try to finish this soon.

This weekend is church time at Pleasant View and if I can find a ride there and back I really want to go as I won’t be able to go much anymore. Red is legally blind and anytime he goes down the hallway or anyplace in house I have to be with him. He’s not allowed outside just yet. So if I don’t have a sitter I will be as confined as he is.

We are still getting some beautiful anniversary cards and he has a big stack of get well ones, which I will read to him. To all who sent a card, thank you so very much and we love you and thank you for remembering us.

Don’t forget the Engle- Sergent picnic on August 18 from noon till 4:45 at Hill Top Park in Elyria, Ohio. Hoping for a big crowd this year.

Also remember the Letcher County picnic at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, Ohio on September 7, which will be the first Sunday after Labor Day. I’m pretty sure the time is from one o’clock till ?

Hello to all who are reading this, sending love and prayers your way and once Red is home and settled in, plan to start writing letters, quilting and do some reading and embroidering. Sound like a plan, does it not?

Have a great week, a peaceful night and share a smile with a stranger. Till next time, all my love.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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