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Red Engle’s garden producing lots of beans

Northeast Ohio

It’s been hot and humid here in Lorain for the past three days. Summer is here and letting us know it.

Howdy y’all, hope you are having nice sunny weather. One thing about living in Kentucky, the mountains do seem to keep the sun from shining straight down, not like here where it’s so level you can go to bed with sun shining and get up to sun shining.

Our company left. We really enjoyed having them. We really didn’t do anything special except go out to eat one day. The rest of the time we spent just talking and eating. I baked five dried apple pies, three 10-inch and two eightinch. Nah, we four didn’t eat all five, Bill, Redia, Christopher, Meagan, Richard, Georgia and Catharine all helped. I think I finished the last slice, had three baked already and baked two more. I cooked the green beans Charles and Delores brought and sliced the fresh garden cucumbers, “mmm”, and am still nibbling on the pumpkin fudge Delores made. It’s a good thing I’m not prone to gaining weight, else I would look like someone who would say “moo.” I just plain like to eat.

Red picked a peck bucket of beans. He also fell in the bean patch and had a hard time getting up. I do believe he needs to take a phone with him when he’s out and about. Guess I’ll freeze the beans to make sure we have some for the picnic; it’s almost a tradition that we cook green beans. I get lots of compliments but have to pass them on as Red cooks the beans and does them open kettle. No pressure for green beans but soup beans is OK. I’m not allowed to use a pressure cooker since I blew the lid off one. What a mess! Even on the ceiling!

I talked to Georgia. Ricky, Joyce and their four said they really enjoyed their week’s vacation. They were in Louisville and while there they paid a visit to Jeanie and Phil and spent time at a Six Flags Park.

Bill and Christopher came by with another load of clothes for me to work on. Course I do them in my own good time.

Georgia was telling me about her ex-son-in-law, Pat Provoznic (the father of her grandchildren, Cassie and Ben). He has the big “C” and is not doing well at all. The doctors have told him they have done all they can and I’m sure a little prayer on his behalf would be most appreciated.

To Nadine Cornett and family in Richmond, I was so very very sorry to read the obituary of Dover in The Mountain Eagle. My heart, my love and my prayers are with you at this so very sad time.

Nadine and I were at Stuart Robinson School at the same time and we have been in touch for several years.

Just a reminder about the Letcher County Picnic which will be on Sept. 13 at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, Ohio from 1 to 7 p.m. Anyone who plays an instrument or sings or both, come prepared to participate, not a paying job, just lots of good food and lots of company. Just good ole folk from the mountains. That’s not to say all were born there, but their roots are there. A nicer group of people you won’t find just anywhere. Love the mountains!

Red and I fixed the beans. We will have enough for two big bags to freeze and enough for a good cooking. That means tomorrow we’ll have green beans, mashed or fried ‘taters, ham and cornbread and of course I’ll have a glass of cold buttermilk.

This weekend is church time at Pleasant View in Litchfield. I’m hoping we will be able to go. I’ve been able to hear better lately, yep! I do hear much better but not 100 percent.

Howdy to Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Gladys Smith and Creda Isaac. I always read your columns and also all the rest. Fact is I start on the front page and read all the way to the back. Sometimes I have to go back to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Hope all of you are having a fun summer. Come up for our Letcher County Picnic.

Getting near time for Miss Catharine, so I better get this finished. In closing, wishing for all a good day a fun summer and sending love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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