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Red Hats visit Bardstown sights


RED HATS ON TOUR — The Letcher County Red Hat Mountain Momma's visited central Kentucky recently. Pictured are (left to right) Marsha Banks, Ann Bradley, Mary Gilliam, Sally Caudill, Creda Isaacs, Irene Smith, Jean Cook, Ruth Ward, Mary Day, Lois Shortt, Freida McFall, Ann Reynolds, and Vernell Mullins.

RED HATS ON TOUR — The Letcher County Red Hat Mountain Momma’s visited central Kentucky recently. Pictured are (left to right) Marsha Banks, Ann Bradley, Mary Gilliam, Sally Caudill, Creda Isaacs, Irene Smith, Jean Cook, Ruth Ward, Mary Day, Lois Shortt, Freida McFall, Ann Reynolds, and Vernell Mullins.

The Letcher County Red Hat Mountain Momma’s left Whitesburg last Friday morning about 8 a.m., picked me up at Isom and continued on to Campton to Diana’s Gifts for photo shoot and an interview by a reporter for the Irvine paper. We shopped and enjoyed visiting with Diana and staff. It’s such a nice place to shop.

Our next stop was in Lexington for lunch. Mary Day called her daughter, Elizabeth. She came by and we enjoyed visiting with her. Elizabeth is in the nursing program at the University of Kentucky. She will graduate in December.

We arrived in Bardstown in the early afternoon and went on a tour of My Old Kentucky Home. We took lots of pictures there. The grounds are lovely.

The next stop was Basilica of St. Joseph Cathedral. It wasn’t open so we went on to our motel. After checking in and freshening up, we went to the Old Talbott Tavern for dinner. Freida McFall was very disappointed. My dinner was served in a square plate, hers was in a boat. While at the restaurant Irene Smith gave a very informative report with show and tell for the uses of rubber bands. Vernell Mullins shared her thoughts on the usage of clothespins. I was amazed by her report.

Martha Banks intends to grow a “mint” garden.

Mary Day promised to always carry a bottle of soy sauce.

Ann Bradley’s cousin came by the Tavern. She took Mary Day, Freida McFall and Lois Shortt on a tour of the town. The girls really liked Ann’s cousin and really appreciated her tour.

Marsha Banks, Irene Smith, Sally Caudill, Vernell Mullins, Ann Reynolds, Ann Bradley, Ruth Ward, Mary Gilliam, Jean Cook and I went to see “Stephen Foster The Musical.” If you can go see it, it’s well worth the effort.

We wanted to see Da Mud Cats at the park but didn’t have time.

Saturday began with breakfast at the motel. A nice-looking gentleman made waffles for us. I hope he is there the next time we go. After a very good breakfast, we went on a tour of the town.

At noon we went aboard the My Old Kentucky Home Dinner Train. A delicious luncheon was served as we went for a ride. Lois Shortt got a cramp in her leg, our waiter helped her out of her chair, and the dance began. Lois danced all the way to the restroom. When she came back she asked if we had ever “had” to use to facilities in the middle of a cramp. She was totally exhausted.

Our next stop was at Heaven Hill Distillery — not for “spirits” but for a tent sale. A lady had told us the day before that they had Red Hat items. We had to force Vernell away from a motorcycle and driver (I do have pictures). OK, when we entered the distillery they gave us a badge to get in — on to the tent sale. We bought a few items, also learned how bourbon is made.

Our last stop in Bardstown was to visit the Abbey of Gethsemani, home of the Trappist monks. Brother Camillus met us at the door. We watched a 20-minute video about the abbey. These monks make cheese, fudge and fruitcakes.

Can you imagine what Brother Camillus thought when he saw 13 women climb out of a van dressed in red hats, red and purple outfits, lots of red and purple jewelry, feathers and nails painted purple and red? Jean Cook says he probably thought, “Floozies.”

Brother Camillus graciously allowed Mary Gilliam and me to interview him. He had left Philadelphia at age 15, traveled by train for two days to reach Louisville. This was in 1940. He never saw his family again.

These monks pray seven times a day but after our visit maybe more. Marsha Banks and Ann Reynolds want to go there for a retreat. God bless them.

Oh, while sitting beside Brother Camillus I noticed Ann Bradley and Vernell Mullins were trying so hard not to laugh out loud and I wondered what was so funny. Later they told me — I still had my Heaven Hill Bourbon sticker on my shirt!

All good things do come to an end so we left Bardstown happy and tired. We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Lexington and left Marsha. I hope she makes it home OK.

Congratulations and best wishes to David Hill and Sue Caudill Webb who were married recently. David’s parents, Pete and Faye Hill, had a dinner for them after the wedding. I haven’t seen Sue’s parents in a lot of years and would have loved to see them but was out of town.

Sue went to Lexington this week and we are all praying for her. Our prayers are also with Linda Kay Potter, Gleadith Duncil and Morgan Tolliver.

The family of Isom Slone will be having their family reunion at the Colson Senior Citizens Center on Saturday, August 30, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. At 1 p.m. at the same place will be a reunion for the family of Luther and Edith Ash Hall. Debbie is looking forward to seeing all her family there.

Janice Baker, Katina and Ashley Benton have returned from their trip to New York. I’m sure they had a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Brian, Nikki, Brooke and Alice Lucas have been in Myrtle Beach. Alice and Brooke always have a good time.

Arlene Sexton McCullough was honored with a “goingaway” dinner last week by her family. Arlene has been with her sister, Ann Thomas, for awhile. Arlene is moving to Jacksonville, Fla., to be near her son, Tommy. I know Ann and all the family will miss her. We love Arlene. Lena Parsons and I both missed the party. Lena had a meeting and I was confused! Lena, I finally got it!

Hello to Carol Lewis across the mountain. I saw Carol’s daughter in the grocery. She said Carol had broken her leg.

The Historical Society now has Marriage Book 12 for sale. These books are so helpful to those doing research on their family. We have cemetery and census books, too. Have you seen the pictorials? The picture books are great. Please visit the library and look at what is available. We are so proud of our collection housed in the library. The Society meets the second Tuesday of each month in the genealogy room at 5:30 p.m. Come and see what you’ve been missing.

Our seniors have had a great week, played bingo, corn hole, and exercised. On Friday we had a yard sale and a bake sale. Thanks to all who came by, whether you ate or shopped or just said hello. We enjoyed it.

It was so good to see Beatrice Banks and her daughter, Emma Jean Deaton, at the center. Bea has been having some health issues and we are so happy she feels better. She has been putting beans in the freezer.

I was so glad to meet Philip Nickels’s daughter and her family last week.

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