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Redbud trees are beautiful now

Happy Easter everyone! Carcassonne Community Center is holding its square dance April 8 from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunrise Ridge is the band.

Come out for an evening of fun, whether you dance or not. What’s the saying, be there or be square? In this case being at a square dance is fun. You never know who will be there.

It doesn’t seem possible that it is that time of year already. Redbud trees are so beautiful in this area with the green grass showing its beauty also. My heart longs once more to head for the mountains I call home.

This takes me back to spring of 1995 when I went home to visit Mother. Coming out of the mountains everything was in bloom and it looked like an Easter basket with so many glorious colors of flowers and trees blooming.

All at once a feeling started creeping into my heart and soul, as tears started streaming down my face. Somehow I knew in my heart I would never spend another beautiful spring with Mommy. Mom passed away in August of that year.

I feel Mom so much with me at times, even though she has been gone so many years. When I am driving I can hear the question she asked me such a long time ago, “Rosella, when do you know to turn the wheel?” At the time I was going around a curve.

Southern Ohio

When I am in my kitchen it gives me so much comfort as I have three canisters that Mom gave me. She loved the brown stoneware. Mom gave me a brown wishing well cookie jar and it is on my counter by my kitchen stove.

Mom was as naive about some things as a child, and sometimes she would ask me things that I had rather not answer.

They say that time makes it better, but I really think you learn to live with things, and it may hurt less but still there is an ache that time doesn’t heal.

I miss Dad a lot and wish things had been better between us. Dad instilled the hate for alcohol in me so deep that I don’t like to be around anyone that is drinking, be it man or woman.

Dad worked in the small coalmines making the owners rich while the miners struggled to feed their families. At times I wonder what families would have done had there not been small grocery stores like Amburgey’s at Roxana and J.C Burke’s that let people buy groceries on something called a tab (on time). The store not only sold groceries as they also carried other staples like shoes and other supplies.

I remember Mom measuring my foot with a stick and then Daddy bringing me a pair of shoes home. There was no going picking out a pair, you wore them whether you liked them or not.

I have worn many a pair of shoes until there were holes in the sole, then getting a piece of cardboard placing in the bottom. That would work until the soles got wet.

Daddy got me a pair of brown shoes that looked more like old woman shoes. For one thing they were too big for me and I hated those shoes. I tried everything to tear them up, to know avail. I would see the other little girls that had nice shoes and oh how my heart would ache.

One winter Daddy got me a pair of boy’s shoes that had metal hooks for shoelaces. I must say they were warm. I was so ashamed to wear them as the other children would skate on the frozen creek and I couldn’t because they had tacks in the sole that would cut into the ice.

I guess that is one reason I love shoes to this very day. I mostly wear white gym shoes and I have had my share of dress shoes of every color that matched the clothes that I wore. I have to laugh when I walk into my daughter Kay’s dressing room, as she probably has 50 pairs of shoes or more.

I tease Kay and say I say she better be glad that she wears a bigger size than me or I would be sneaking out with her shoes.

I’ve also passed along the love of matching color of clothes along to my daughters as everything they wear matches. Of course they can afford lots more than I could ever do

The only thing that I can’t understand is, why would anyone want to wear the ridiculous looking jeans with holes in them? Not only that, but they’ll pay $100 for rags. Mom would have never let us wear something with a hole in it as she would have been putting a patch on it.

My sympathy goes out to Carl Boggs and family in the loss of Lowell Boggs.

I miss my dear sweet friend Willa Mae Boggs so much. I see Carl Boggs occasionally at bluegrass events, but he is always busy so I don’t bother him.

Vicki Power and I went on a short adventure as I decided to live dangerously. We went to Steak & Shake for something called Happy hour. It was very hard to sit and smell food cooking, while everyone was enjoying their food.

Vicki and I decided to get a chocolate milkshake. I haven’t had a milkshake in almost two years. It sounded so good but was such a bad idea. Oh well, it tasted good as long as it lasted.

Oma Hatton, I hope you are doing all right. I missed your column in the paper. I looked for your phone number and I have misplaced it somewhere.

Les and Pat Wagner, I bet your feet are starting to itch to get headed towards your place in the mountains. I know James and John Ison are wanting for you to head that way. I bet John has a Diet Coke ready and waiting for you two.

I haven’t talked to Ann Calihan this week, and it is time for me to go check on them.

I never hear anything from Polly Marcher. I hope she is doing all right.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, in case I don’t get to make it to the square dance, I hope you have a good crowd. I really enjoyed the article written by Mike in the Modern Mountain Magazine.

Michael Ison, I watch your grandchildren grow by the pictures your daughter Brooke posts on computer. They are precious.

Sorry there’s not much interesting news for someone to pass along, but keep reading as you can never tell what you may miss out on in this interesting adventure of my life.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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