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Redbud trees are breathtaking in Southern Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello friends and neighbors everywhere!

I hope everyone is taking enough time to say “thank you God,” if you are once again able to get out and about to enjoy this beautiful spring.

I picked up my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold so he could spend time in the yard with me. We stopped at Bennie’s favorite place, McDonald’s, for a Happy Meal. Bennie likes sweet tea or apple juice with his meals.

Before coming home I decided to visit two of my dear friends, Chris and Juanita Lanham of Ross. Chris and Juanita are in their 80s; they seem like family to me. Bennie is so comfortable going there he will walk to the hallway and ask if he can get some toys as he remembers they are in a corner in Juanita’s bedroom. I have only taken him there a few times and he remembers where the toys are.

We came home so he could finish the evening playing in the yard. By the time his mom Angie Wiederhold came to pick up Bennie, we both were tired.

My runningmate Vickie Power and I finally got to go on another adventure. We went to Metamora, Ind. A wasted trip since the shops were still closed, but the drive was worth it as the redbud trees were absolutely breathtaking along the highway.

Vickie and I went on to Liberty, Ind. I love the old courthouse there and there’s a little log cabin I like to look at beside the courthouse.

We stopped at a couple of stores in Liberty then stopped by Brookville Lake to sit and relax for a spell, then came back to Harrison to have a bite to eat. I would have settled for a bologna sandwich and a Coke at the lake.

I have wanted so bad to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky but my car has been acting up so my son Keith Ballard put a thermostat in it. He is changing a serpentine belt, whatever that is, and he says the fan on my radiator isn’t kicking in right. I sure am glad I have him to work on my car. I can’t afford a new one right now and don’t want a used one so I will just keep driving this one as long as Keith can keep it running for me.

He tried to pull a heavy dump truck with his pickup truck and tore the transmission out of his truck. He still had reverse in his truck, so he backed that truck about five miles to my house with someone following him closely.

When I went to get in my car I sawthe back of his truck where the cab should be. I just looked at him in shock and said, “Oh no, you didn’t!”

I am surprised he didn’t get a ticket. Somehow he was very lucky that a police car wasn’t on the road or he didn’t cause an accident. There’s an old song by Flatt and Scruggs called ‘Backing All The Way to Birmingham.’ Never did I think I would see my own son backing the distance he did! I have enough trouble getting a short distance in reverse.

Gwen Huff Farmer is sure making hay while the sun shines. sshe is in the garden and has planted all kinds of goodies with the help of her neighbor. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was at her old tricks, Gwen will start with a small spot and then it somehow grows to a much larger area.

Gwen tells me that a favorite plum tree has died except a small sprout. When my husband and I visited her a few years ago this was the best tasting plum I had ever eaten. I brought seeds home and forgot to plant them.

Gwen sends a big hello to all her friends and family throughout the mountains.

I went to the Coon Hunters Club on the outskirts of Hamilton, where I met a longtime friend of Gwen, Helen Ellison. Another friend of Gwen was there also, Thelma Halcomb Brooks. Thelma is such a sweet person and so are her daughter and grandson.

Thelma is related to Clarence Halcomb. Clarence Halcomb, Thelma Brooks, and Helen Ellison were at a birthday party together, and since they are all three from the Linefork area I know they had a good time.

I bet Clarence is out in the garden already as this is one remarkable man. I really enjoy being around Clarence and Arlyn and listening to them talk.

It seems like my book ‘The Beauty of A Rose’ has sparked a lot of interest in lots of people. Jeff Collins came by the house to pick one up. Jeff ’s dad was, and his family is, from the Little Colley area. I remember the names Clayton and Clifton Collins from years ago, and really don’t know why as they were a lot older than me. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff , but Jeff got to see a side of me that not too many people see. I had just gotten home after my road trip, so I was barefoot and had my jeans rolled up to my knees. You might say I was comfortable.

Jeff and I had played phone tag for a week as he was trying to catch up with me.O

ld Time Fiddlers had a great crowd and I had a surprise in store for me. Doyle and Betty Ison came in as the door opened and the light was so bright I didn’t pay any attention until they got real close. It was so good to see them.

I am planning on taking a cup of coffee and sitting on that huge boatdock or deck before long. I wonder if Woody Whitaker would like to join me? I don’t think Woody has ever had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful deck that Doyle built himself.

I have been tempted to go early and be sitting there when Betty and Doyle get up as it is so peaceful in the back of Betty and Doyle’s house with no traffic like here on my road.

I have been on my porch a couple of times this week to listen to the birds and enjoy the smell of the lilacs

Willamae Boggs has been busy cleaning closets and getting rid of things. Carl, you better watch out she will be trying to throw you out too. Willamae reminds me of myself. She’s lost a remote control to her television and still hasn’t been able to find it.

Jessie Frazier, have you got that camper ready for a camping trip yet? Jessie tells me that his onions are big enough to eat and so is the lettuce. He just wanted to tease me. I bet Bruce Jones is having lettuce and onions too.S

hirley Wells and I haven’t been on the computer together at the same time very much this week. I know she is enjoying this weather.

Eveda Ison isn’t doing very well at all. She didn’t make it to the nursing home that I had been told about. She was sent to a new one here in Harrison, and somehow she fell and broke her hip. She is in Good Sam Hospital in Cincinnati.

Ann and Johnny Calihan and their family are all doing well at the present time. I am anxiously waiting for gardening time to be here so I can sneak into Johnny’s garden.

Johnny’s sister Hattie Calihan Taylor called me, but I wasn’t home. Hattie, I am sorry. I just now thought about that and I sure can’t call you at five o’clock in the morning.

Hello to Mildred Rogers, who is Ann’s cousin. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Alberta Bailey from Premium finally caught me home. I was just walking in the door and my phone was ringing. It was good to hear from her.

My brother Richie and Wanda Hall are doing a little better, for which I am very glad. Richie said he was going to put a tracking device on me to see where in the heck I am.

Hello to their granddaughter Kirsti, and their grandson J.T. Deaton.

Hello to Emma and Red Engle. I really hope you two are doing a lot better. I am sorry I haven’t taken the time to call and check on you.

It seems no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get this column together as I plan.

The last three weeks have been a struggle for me, as I stay so tired all the time.

I have to go for some tests, EKG, stress test, and a couple or three others — that is when I find time to go.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, (513) 367-4682.

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