Whitesburg KY

Redbud trees bloom in time for Easter


I hope everyone had a very nice Easter holiday, and remembered the true meaning of this miraculous time.

We attended Little Zion church at Jeff in Perry County on Sunday morning. There was a large crowd there to enjoy the singing and services. Afterward, Easter eggs were hidden for the children to find.

On our way home we noticed all the children hunting for eggs hidden in the bottom behind Letcher Independent Church at the mouth of Spring Branch.

I was glad that the weather was nice. On our way to church we enjoyed looking at the redbud trees with their pink blooms at their brightest with the sun highlighting them.

Mr. and Mrs. Curl Dixon were involved in a traffic accident while they were returning to Ohio from Florida. It happened in Georgia,. Thankfully they weren’t hurt when their car was hit by another car and was spun around three times before going over a 200-foot ravine. They are thankful that the Lord was watching over them, and we are too, after seeing the pictures Jeanette showed us at church.

About 35 people attended sunrise services at Burton Hill Cemetery. It was a cold morning with some scattered frost. Damon Sexton, Densmore Goodson and Bruce Gilley took part in the service. I hope the other sunrise services in the area also had a good turnout and a nice Easter morning.

Doug and Audra Seals and children have moved into the home of her grandparents, the late Carl and Lucy Back, on Perkins Branch. I hope they got settled in OK. I’m sure it has been a lot of work.

Gary and Becky Pridemore have a new granddaughter. Their daughter, Kelly, and her husband are the parents. I believe they named her Alexis Grace. She has an older sister, Hope. Lee and Wilma Pridemore, Hope Campbell, and Irene Dixon are the great-grandparents, and great-great-grandmother.

This weekend will be the union meeting at Blair Branch Church, and after Sunday services we will have ‘dinner on the ground’ as it used to be called.

We’ll be doing our spring cleaning on Wednesday evening to get everything clean and fresh inside and out.

Delana Caudill Eldridge is planning to be baptized after Sunday services. She attended the Chester Hogg Memorial Church in Indiana, and joined there the Sunday before last, and wanted her membership at Blair Branch Church.

Delana is the daughter of the late Tilden and Martha Caudill. I think she lives in Louisville now.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Jeff Cornett, who died due to heart problems. He was the son of Goldie Cornett and the late Coy Cornett.

Recently Mrs. Lee Banks Jr. of Drew Branch, spent some time in hospitals at Whitesburg and Pikeville. She has been home for awhile now, but will have to have dialysis.

I gave Jr. a ride to Isom the other day, and he was telling me about her. Hopefully she is feeling better.

I was pleased to get such a nice card from Mary Shepherd of Partridge. She had also been missing the Jeremiah news, and has been keeping me informed about her niece, Shirley June Whitaker, who hasn’t been feeling well.

Have a good week, everyone, and enjoy the beautiful spring countryside.

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