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Mostly cloudy

Redbud trees look like paintings

Happy spring or winter!

Once again I can start this column complaining about the weather as it sure is cold in the Ohio Valley area. We are having hard freezes at night and had some snow. My car, van, and deck were covered.

I am very sick again so I will be heading back to the hospital as I am probably dehydrated. I’ve just been postponing as long as I can.

As I look out my window at the hillside across the hayfield, there are a couple of large redbud trees. The other trees have green leaves and it look likes a painting. There are so many trees that aren’t showing any foliage at all, then close to the top of the hill are a few scattered green ones.

Southern Ohio

My heart is longing to see the redbuds and dogwoods in the mountains that I love so much.

Hillbilly Days are approaching once more and I know I am not able to make that trip and then walk the distance from the parking area. Oh well, if God lets me live another year, maybe then.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers. I wasn’t able to attend. Thanks to Vicki Power for taking my place. Vicki sent me a text and saying there was really a good crowd, with plenty of food.

I cooked pinto beans and was going to bake cornbread. I sure made a mess as I put too much salt in the beans. So I wasted about $7 with the meat and beans.

I still haven’t heard anything from Johnny and Ann Calihan so I assume they are all doing all right.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Betty Ison on April 8. I forgot to mention it in my column last week.

I think I completely forgot Doyle Ison’s birthday on Feb. 12 as I was in the hospital. I guess that was a good enough reason.

Les and Pat Wagner, I miss seeing you guys. Somehow I have to get better so I can go listen to music and see you guys.

Ricky Caudill has peas up, and I believe he said his greens are up also.

Hello to Mike and Marcia Caudill. I bet it is beautiful close to your house as the creeping phlox is probably blooming in your area.

Betty Kelly put her cushions on her porch as she is waiting not very patiently for some porch sitting time. She was surprised to find them all covered with snow. Porch sitting and talking on the phone to each other are favorite pastimes for Betty and me to do.

Betty is still reveling in the memories of her visit with her three grandsons in the mountains a few weeks ago. Betty and the boys stayed at her sister’s place on the mountain while her son Barry and Tina stayed with friends.

I had to laugh when Betty said I think that girls giggle. I guess her three grandsons did quite a bit of giggling also.

I hate to cut this short but I really am not feeling too well and it is getting late.

Until next time.

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