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Redbud winter delaying fishermen

Now if this don’t take the cake. I get me an awful bad case of the fishin’ fever and along comes one of our regular winter seasons what come every spring. Well, it sure did cure my fishin’ fever in a hurry, but I’ll catch me another case right soon. For now them fish will just have to go hungry. Can’t bite no how with their mouths froze plumb shut.

I s’pose this is called redbud winter. Don’t know why they is called redbuds anyhow. Ain’t no red about them. They is more pinkish purple than anything else.

Next we are due for dogwood winter, and then there is blackberry winter. Course we do get an extra winter or two throwed in for good measure. By the time all these winters is done with, it will no doubt be hotter than Granny’s kitchen with a coal stove in it.

Actually, we love every minute of it. If we didn’t have the weather to gripe about we would just have to find something else to gripe about.

All you fellers coming down with the gardening fever, this sure would be a mighty fine time to get that garden patch cleaned off. But you’ll have to let loose of them kivers in the mornings and crawl out of that sack. Then you’ll need to eat a good breakfast or you’ll cave in before you get very much work done, and I ain’t atalking about no bowl of cereal for breakfast either. I’m atalking about home-cooked grub. You know, the kind that sticks to your ribs awhile.

I realize most of the younger generation wouldn’t know what a grubbing hoe is if they fell over one. They wouldn’t know what a sassafras or pawpaw sprout was if one slapped them in the face on a frosty morning, but they got to learn sometime.

Once you get the garden patch cleaned off, you may have time to go to the creek and drown a few worms while it is getting dry enough to plow. Won’t do no good to plow it if it is too wet ’cause you’ll just have to plow it again to get shet of the clods. Bean and corn can’t even poke their heads out of the ground with a clod of dirt as hard as a rock smack-dab on top of it.

It’s not a good idea to get too carried away with the gardening till May 10. After you get the garden patch planted, you just might have time to go drown some more worms before it gets big enough to hoe. Believe it or not, you can mix fishin’ and hoeing as long as you know when to do what. But if you see a bunch of cattle lying down in the pasture, don’t even bother going to the creek ’cause the fish ain’t biting. If you do go, you won’t catch nary a fish.

Course they don’t bite too good for me no matter how the cows are lying. My dad always said I just wasn’t holding my mouth right. Didn’t seem to make no difference no matter how I held my mouth. If I asked him if he was getting any bites, he would say, “Only under my hat.” I guess the mosquitoes were biting.

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