Whitesburg KY

Redbuds are beginning of spring


What a beautiful place! Redbuds blooming and the green is popping out everywhere.

We are so blessed each day to see the beauty of the hand of our Lord and Savior. I love redbuds, and to me that is the real beginning of spring.

Our son Randy and grandson Ethan surprised us by a quick visit on Friday night. Ethan is 9 years old and such a fine little man. He wanted to go home Saturday evening so he could be in his church Sunday morning to witness his cousin, Seth Smith, being baptized. Seth is our greatgrandson and we love him so much too. They are so precious.

Randy mowed the lawn for us and did things that needed doing, and we are so thankful for having a family that is always giving a helping hand.

Geneva Akemon has been in the hospital but is improving and we will continue to pray for her. She has a wonderful spirit and keeps on keeping the faith. She and Danny are great neighbors.

Our neighbor, Bonnie Wright, visited with Geneva at the hospital after church on Sunday and then stopped by for a quick visit with Clester and me. She says she misses seeing Clester sitting on the porch. He does sit out when he feels like it.

We send our deepest sympathy to the families of Jimmy Tucker, Billy Ray Thomas and Paul Tolliver. Billy Ray’s sister Beatrice was one of my best friends.

I had a nice phone call from Sheila Rose. I have missed seeing her. Also this week I met a lady I had only talked to on the computer, Sherry Huff from Little Leatherwood. Very nice folks.

Edsel, Carol and Kaylee Baker came by for awhile on Saturday and we enjoyed being together. Kaylee and Ethan were happy to see each other.

Joann Hall and Maxine Quillen danced all weekend. They went to Campbell’s Branch and to the Cabin. They saw so many friends at both places. Isn’t it wonderful to have a place you can go and have fun and be safe?

The Colson seniors were in Frankfort one day this week and enjoyed the trip and being in the thick of things at the Capitol. If you don’t go to a center, just look what you miss.

John Hamilton, husband of Elizabeth Bates Hamilton, is in a hospital in Michigan. He and Lizzie are both very sick. Let’s lift them up in prayer. Their son, Uriah, takes care of them and let’s lift him up too.

I hope all of you liked the ball games as much as we did. Who could ask for any better? If Katina Benton lives through them, it will be a miracle. She does enjoy life to the fullest and we love her so much.

This week keep a prayer going for all who are sick and those who are troubled.

God bless!

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