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Redbuds leaving, dogwoods arriving

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

It is such a beautiful time of year. It seems every day I have discovered something else in God’s coloring book that surrounds me. The redbud trees are about gone as the leaves are coming out, the dogwoods are getting so magnificent with their white leaves that look like snow in a distance. Now the azaleas are so pretty. I still think this particular plant is a member of a bush that was known as ivory, which grew wild on the on the hillside when I was a child at Roxana.

In Livingston, this same bush grows on the hillsides there. It is so difficult to dig up. I know because I tried and almost broke my neck by pulling on it and falling down an embankment.

I love wildflowers. If I could, I would probably have a field of nothing but wildfl owers in my yard. However that is just what I have in the field next to my house.

My friends Joe and Donna Perry were in the Smokey Mountains this past week. Donna says the trees aren’t near as pretty there as around here. She says it still looks like winter.

My son Keith Ballard put a thermostat in my car so I am not afraid to travel, it just seems like I can’t find the time to go anywhere.

As I came home one afternoon and Keith was in the yard working on his truck so many memories of him growing up came barreling through. Keith was working on old cars before he was a teenager, as he would help his dad. There are some things he doesn’t fool with like setting computer chips or whatever in new cars, though I have seen him go to the library and get a book for information on certain things.

As I was doing his laundry I wished he had a pair of coveralls on. While I was taking the clean clothes out I thought of all the joy and heartaches a parent goes through with raising children, the dirty handprints, how we wipe them off and they appear before they dry.

It seems since Keith was so ill in December he is even more precious to me.

After Keith finished with his truck he went home to shower then came back and mowed the yard. I thank God every day that he was given a chance a to live.

Belated happy birthday to Gwen Huff Farmer’s son Glen Farmer Jr. April 5. Happy birthday to Gwen’s son John Farmer April 28. Gwen’s brother Rodney Huff would have been 77 on April 21.

Gwen got quite a bit of vegetables in her garden with the help of her neighbor and is still putting more out. Right now she is praying for rain.

My oldest grandson C.J. Gray will be celebrating a birthday April 29. C.J. and his wife Shannon have recently to Florida.

I will mention again I really enjoy the Facebook website. A young woman that I haven’t seen in quite a few years got in touch with me, then she gave me her older sister Sue Courtney’s link to Facebook. I have known this family about 41 years. In fact, Sue was in high school and staying with my husband and me when my youngest daughter Anna was born, Anna will be 38 years old in November.

I hadn’t seen Sue in six or seven years until recently. Sue came to my house and after a couple of hours we went to her house in Indiana. We stopped at Steak & Shake to grab a bite to eat, then on to her place.

Sue’s mobile home over looks the Ohio River. It is such a peaceful thing just to sit watching the boats on the Ohio River. Darkness closed in on us and we had to get a sweater, still we sat on the deck. A barge went past and the lights were really neat as they were multi-colored which made long streaks of light on the water.

After Sue drove me home we still continued talking more, somehow about eight hours passed and it only seemed like minutes. Time seemed to fly for us. Sue is 10 years younger than me and was as close as a sister before we lost touch with each other. Sue lived in Florida several years. She lost a brother at a very early age due to a massive heart attack, then her husband and her mother died from cancer, a sister and a brother, all in a few years of each other.

We plan on getting together again soon. As we sat and talked it didn’t seem possible that I am almost 65 years old and she laughed and said, heck, I am 55.

Sue works as a 911 dispatcher. It was so wonderful to see her again.

Two special people, Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, went to the Coon Hunters Club on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ohio. Arlyn told me she seen Thelma Halcomb Brooks daughter Lavon along Ben, her son, who is my dance partner. Ben, “Cornbread” as he goes by, is 15 years old.

Ben is such a sweet young guy, and really courteous and really likes to dance. He is learning how to play the banjo.

Arlyn told me that she and Clarence will be going to the Coon Hunters Club again as they really had a great time

Carl and Willamae Boggs are sure enjoying all the nice weather they are having through the mountains, except Willamae suffers from allergies. She has been very sick.

My brother Richie Hall hasn’t been feeling too well lately as his sugar among other there things are bothering him. I hope to see Richie and Wanda before long.

I am sorry I don’t have any update about Eveda Ison as I haven’t heard from anyone.

Ann and Johnny Calihan and the family are all doing well.

Mildred Rogers, I will get your book ‘The Beauty of The Rose’ in the mail. I had to get a few more copies reprinted. Everyone tells me they really enjoy this book.

Shirley Wells had already read it and when she found out I had it re-printed Shirley decided she wanted a copy for herself. That really pleased me.

I am sorry to hear that Ike Adams has a virus and has been really sick. For the first time in a very long time Ike wasn’t able to get a column in all the papers he writes for. Ike takes pride in making sure his column is in the papers each week.

I spent part of an afternoon helping an 81 year old man sow grass and put down straw in his yard. For anyone that hasn’t taken the time to spend with someone older than you, well, you are missing a lot in your life. Talking and listening to someone can be very informative.

Well, folks, if I have left anything out of importance I am very sorry. I have to get this on it’s way. This has been another difficult time for me to write.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@ aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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