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Redbuds were worth drive to the mountains

Hello everyone! Once again I will say we are having spring and winter at the same time so it seems. I am really surprised the daffodils are as beautiful as they are.

The tulips are outstanding also. I have one lone, red tulip that has survived for about 36 years and just a sparse few daffodils.

I am still reliving the beauty of the drive to the mountains last weekend. The redbud trees alone were worth the drive, and to get to see the first dogwoods showing their beauty also.

I was tempted to try to head back for Hillbilly Days, but last year I was in the mountains and it rained so much that I didn’t attempt it, but instead I spend the day doing other things.

I have been very sick since returning home from the mountains. Cooking for my son Keith has been a chore for me as I find that I am wanting to eat what I cook for him and it is not helping me one bit. I received so many compliments about how good I look and, believe me, I wish I felt good.

For two years I have maintained my weight, gain a pound or lose a pound. What I wouldn’t give to be able to do the things I used to do.

Yes, I managed to dance one time at Campbell’s Branch and a complete square dance at Carcassonne Community Center, thanks to Mike Caudill. I told Mike that I wasn’t sure I could get through a complete dance as my legs were weak. After I started dancing it was so much pleasure that I just kept going through the calls.

When you have a good partner like Mike and a good square dance caller, you have no problems with the calls. They both were very helpful.

I still have to smile when I think of one particular call where you have to turn back to back with your partner. I got so tickled I honestly thought I was going to mess the call up as I was laughing so hard.

Thanks, Marcia, for sharing Mike. Mike was kept busy dancing every square dance. I hope I can return again to Carcassonne Community Center in the near future.

Since I have been sick this week, I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner. I hope they are doing alright.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are expecting their daughter Sue Wagner home again as Sue has to go see her doctor for more tests.

Sunday, my son Keith spent all day working again in the yard, and he has pulled every weed out of my irises along the fence. Keith measured about two feet as he wants to get mulch so the weeds won’t grow back.

As Keith worked so hard, I lay on the couch sleeping most of the day. I bet some people have peas already up in the garden. How I wish I was able to have a garden once again.

While I was down home, I brought back a small amount of half runner green beans from Golden Apple. I wish I had gotten a few more. I also brought back two green tomatoes, which have ripened as I haven’t felt like frying them.

I got a few sugarsnap peas, but this time I was disappointed as they are different than what I have gotten before. Mom planted a type of pea that was long and had a wonderful taste. Does anyone know the names of peas?

Southern Ohio

There was a post on Facebook that has brought back memories. The person asked who remembered the words ‘sot,’ and ‘blackguard.’ I laughed as I read those two forgotten words, as sot meant someone who was a drunk, and blackguard was someone who cursed and especially used vulgar words.

In today’s world, people sure blackguard a lot as vulgar words are spoken with every word that comes out of some people’s mouth.

Sometimes an old timey saying will come out of my mouth and I wonder where did that come from? I will never get above my raising no matter how long I live, or what I would gain in this adventure called life.

There are times I envy people my age that had a normal family life and have made something professional or a name for themselves. Even though I am not well educated, I am proud of every one of my children of what and who they’ve become.

All through a marriage I had to fight to be an individual, and somehow I dug my feet in a little deeper and never completely lost sight of myself, though for years I lived my life for and through my children.

As time went on and I found myself alone, I knew I could stand on my own two feet and survive, which I did without help from my children. Now with my health failing I find I do need some help.

Yes, I kept my grass mowed, but there’s so much that I haven’t been able to do. Since Keith has been home he’s put a new mailbox up and I now have locks on both doors that only need one key for four locks on two doors. I have wanted this done for years.

When I go into my bathroom to do the laundry, I look at the louvered doors and how he changed the track so the dryer would fit.

As I said the yard is so neat looking, plus Keith put the umbrella up and fastened it so the wind won’t blow it away. He has one more thing that needs to be done as the tailpipe on my car needs a brace before it falls off.

Did I say I am glad Keith is home? I know when or if he decides to get his own place it won’t be far from me.

Hello to Shirley June Whitaker and Linda Hall at Letcher Manor. Shirley June, it was so good to see you again after 60-some years. I just wish it was under different circumstances. If I come back this summer, maybe you will be able to go outside and sit on the porch for a bit.

Well this column isn’t very interesting as I haven’t been able to get out and about. Time has caught up with me and I have something I need to do, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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