Whitesburg KY

Reduce business tax

To the Editor:

The Socialist president told us all that the White House knew about the Gulf Oil spill. Apparently he didn’t think it was very serious, as he was in California raising money for Barbara Boxer on the first day. The White House did not comment on the third day when the Coast Guard reported that 3.5 million gallons of oil had already spilled. This day the president hosted a reception for Earth Day and traveled to New York to push his so-called Wall Street Reform Bill.

All this complete neglect of the Obama regime went on and on — golf trips to Ashville, N.C. playing golf two days; welcoming the N.Y. Yankees at the White House; a 10-day wait before Napolitano finally authorizes federal assistance — Obama, not worried, was at a fundraising for the DNC.

More golf was played and more useless meetings. Then Obama stated, “My administration will continue to use every single available resource at our disposal, including the Department of Defense.” Then he said that his regime took control over the spill situation on the first day.

You remember Pinocchio? Obama’s nose must be a block long. He lies every time he reads his teleprompters.

Now his appointee to head NASA states that Obama told him that the main mission of NASA is to make the Muslims feel better about themselves. He also has ordered that the detainees at Guantanamo have television and a good library. Also, his appointed Attorney General will not try the man who has already admitted that he masterminded 9/11. He will not try the Major who killed about 13 people at Ft. Hood. He wants us all to quit saying, ‘War against terrorism.’

None of Obama’s White House gang from Chicago have ever been in business, so they know nothing about jobs or meeting a payroll. The White House gang should reduce the highest tax rate in the world for businesses and keep the taxes given by the previous administration. And cancel all the taxes of Obama Care. That really will create jobs and pull the U.S.A. into real capitalism, where we belong!


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