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Reflecting on Thanksgiving

Now that another Thanksgiving has arrived, it is time to do a lot of reflecting on the past year. That is, if people will slow the pace of everyday activity and take a moment or two to really give some thought to the fact that they have been blessed to see another Thanksgiving.

Countless individuals will proceed to fill their stomachs to capacity with food and drink, never giving a thought to the blessings bestowed upon them by our heavenly Father over the past year. Many don’t give a thought to what the holiday is all about and it certainly isn’t about gluttony.

How many will fill their belly and never give a thought to all the little children who don’t get to enjoy a feast where they can eat until all their hunger pains will go away, if only for a little while? It can’t all be blamed on our bad economy either, because most of the blame centers on their surroundings.

Drugs and alcohol and many other vices have taken over the dinner table where the turkey is supposed to be. How many families will be divided on this special day, each to go their own separate way, instead of thanking God for the blessings of all being together for such a special day?

How many will never give a thought to the many homeless people, people who must live anyplace they can, even sleeping on an ice-covered sidewalk, on a discarded piece of carpet or cardboard if they are lucky enough to find some?

I realize people in a lot of foreign lands are having a hard time too, but we should take care of our own first. There are a lot of starving people right here at home who would be glad to be able to have the leftovers from the tables of the more fortunate ones — the leftovers, which usually go into the garbage disposal under the sink. Too many of the American people take too much for granted. They are too busy hoarding up worldly treasures.

Just think for a moment, if you will, just what would transpire if the almighty dollar should be devalued to the point where it would be worth only a fraction of its present value. If that did happen, the people would no doubt realize just what they had to be thankful for, but a trifle too late.

People who have good health today may not have it tomorrow, so they should give thanks today, and the same applies to their wealth. They may have plenty of food now and nothing in the near future.

We enjoy freedom, but just take a survey of what it is costing us in human lives, lives that are priceless and yet are sacrificed every day. But we should at least give thanks for the freedom we do have, and top taking it for granted like everything else.

Osama Bin Laden has wrecked havoc on the U.S., and it is only a matter of time until he is caught in his hole in the ground, and I predict that it won’t be the U.S. who digs him out, either.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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