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Regina Crawford, Robert Stivers wed in rotunda of state capitol


Bennett and Linda Combs’s daughter, Regina Combs Crawford, was married to Senator Robert Stivers of Manchester on Dec. 28. The wedding ceremony was held in the rotunda of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort. It was decorated in beautiful Christmas style. The families of the couple, Governor Steve Brashear and First Lady Jane Brashear attended.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Bennett and Linda’s great-granddaughter, Kylie Cornett, who was 10 years old on Jan. 2, and to Bill Jones of Naples, Fla.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin, who was here for the wedding, spent several days visiting family.

Bennett and Linda Combs celebrated an early family Christmas with Ramona and Callie Finchum of Louisville, David and Jennifer Combs and daughter Amber of Winchester, Regina and son Robert Bennett Crawford and his friend Allison, Robert Stivers and also Steve, Brenda, Shade and Jessica Boggs.

Jessica is a librarian at Clinch School in Rogersville,


Also enjoying the Christmas get-together were Regina’s daughter, Christina and Steve Bolton and children Kylie Cornett, Jacob Cornett and Adlina Bolton.

Allison and Robert Bennett Crawford liked going to Bad Branch Falls last week and got some beautiful pictures.

Hello to Don and Dana Ison Walker and their family.

Little Cowan Church had its Christmas program on the Sunday evening before Christmas. The children did a very nice program. Glennis Little had the church decorated really pretty. After the program, refreshments and fellowship were enjoyed by everyone.

The church also had a New Year’s evening watch service. The weather kept some of the crowd away, but they still enjoyed a spiritual service.

Jill, Cara and Rebecca Eskew spent Christmas with Carol Caudill. They enjoyed a peaceful and happy holiday.

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