Whitesburg KY

Reliving trip to mountains

Southern Ohio

Hello once again everyone!

Where oh where has time disappeared? Here it is the first of June.

I swore that I would never complain no matter how hot it got. Well you know something, I breathed a whole lot easier when it was cold.

I am still reliving my adventure to Hills of Home Bluegrass Festival, which is put on by Ralph Stanley 2 now. I needed this more than anyone knows.

Several have asked how did Norma and I sleep in the car, actually it wasn’t bad. As I said before, camping in my car is nothing new to for me to do.

I will say I haven’t slept in the front with bucket seats, and a console. It’s good thing I am sort of fluffy, pudgy, or no bigger than I am.

I placed a small cushion and my pillow in the center. I sleep on my left side as my right arm gives me trouble where it has five plates and eight screws, plus I am a little tender yet in my chest from bypass surgery. Anyway, Norma and I would do it again.

When I camped at bluegrass festivals, I took milk for cereal to have breakfast. I didn’t know how long we would be on the road this time so I didn’t take any.

The trip to Whitesburg was beautiful, then Sunday morning having my niece Sue Hall being our tour guide and chauffeur was so great. I made sure that Norma sat in front so she could see except when I yelled for Sue to stop, that I saw two good looking guys and wanted out.

Hey Pam, I forgot, the advice you and your sister gave me, because they could have had tattoos!

It really was nice to see Winfred Wheatly able to have his brother Wayne take him back to Stuart Robinson School.

Some people prefer going south to Florida, but just give me the mountains and fresh air.

I do not like to be cooped up in air conditioning, although I guess it depends what you are doing. I laughed and said sometimes I wouldn’t care if it got 200 degrees.

In the panhandles of Florida, it got sort of cold in December 2003 when my husband and I were there. Although I walked the beach with my pants rolled up Dec. 7, all my husband wanted to do was sit and watch television.

Sunday afternoon, Vicki Power and I went on a short adventure since I stayed home Friday and Saturday night. I have been wanting an ice cream cone, oh yes, from Halcomb Custard in Isom. The only place that even resembles that flavor and texture is a small place in Camden, which is 40 miles from Harrison. What is 40 miles when you want ice cream?

It was a beautiful drive except I went off the beaten path and drove several miles out of the way.

Please keep Larry Hasty and family in your prayers as Larry had another surgery for his hip replacement. I know Becky and their daughter Polly are worn out.

Polly was graduated from nursing school with high honors.

Les and Pat are really worried. His family has sure had their share of heartaches in the past year or so.

I called Polly Maucher and she invited me to their family cookout July 5. I said oh goody, I get to see Frick and Frack and hold hands with Michael Ison.

Doug, I will skip sitting on your lap as I don’t want my hair pulled this time. Just kidding. It will be great to see everyone.

I want to apologize to someone. I received a call from a woman who used to live in Belcraft, or Marlowe area, I think her name was Colleen who now lives in Naples, Fla. I was on my way out the door and promised her I would call her back at six the next evening, but somehow the number disappeared off my telephone. Please call me again.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are all doing great. Doyle and Betty Ison are finally able to get out a little.

June 3 would have been my brother Jerry Hall’s birthday.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook, and for the birthday cards and notes.

Belated happy birthday to Jeff Collins May 27. Thanks for the call and I really enjoyed our conversation.

My sympathy goes out to Betty Bryant Kelly and family in the sudden loss of her cousin Donna.

It is getting late as usual.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Oh 45030 email, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone, 513- 367-4682.

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