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Remember lost ones with respect

Howdy, folks. I sure hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial weekend. But even as I write this there were many who didn’t have an enjoyable holiday.

One of our neighbors’ funeral was on Memorial Day. Even though we didn’t get to attend her funeral, we sent food don to the church where she lay in state both nights. It was a small gesture, but I figure it helped the family of a good neighbor.

Every Memorial Day, the family will remember losing a loved one as I do, but I was only three years old when Mother passed away. But she is not forgotten, and not just on Memorial Day, either.

My two youngest kids and I made what may very well be my last trip to her grave. She is buried in Breathitt County.

Just think for a moment, if you will, the condition society is in today with all the drugs and alcohol, just how many have lost their lives simply because someone didn’t obey the law. Some were innocent victims.

I may be an oddball, but I fail to see any connection between a bottle or handful of pills, and remembering someone with dignity.

It is beyond me how anyone could get drunk or doped up on drugs and call that respect for a deceased one, because that is about as idiotic as brining or ushering in the New Year with a drink or drinks of alcohol, the devil’s brew, and a brain fried with drugs, the devil’s dessert.

Thirty-four years ago I, too, used to drink the devil’s brew, but thank God I realized I was headed straight to hell if I didn’t change my ways. So it has been 34 years since I drank any evil spirits. I’m ashamed to have ever tasted alcohol, and I have never used illegal drugs or smoked loco weed (marijuana).

No, I am not perfect, nobody is, but there are many who think they are living above sin, but they are only fooling themselves and trying to fool other people.

But they can’t fool their Maker.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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