Whitesburg KY

Remembering Alma Whitaker

On Sept. 15, God called a very special Lady from her lovely home, and her wonderful family, Alma Marie Whitaker, I have often referred to her as my little extra mountain Mama.

Alma was a good, old-fashioned, dedicated Christian woman, a wonderful mother to her children. She had enough love to share with many others, including me.

My parents, Clayton and Ora Hall, knew Alma and her husband, Watson, for many years, along with their children., Since I started writing the Southern Ohio column, Alma and I corresponded quite often. Her son Wendell brought her to visit me, but I wasn’t home. Clayton sure enjoyed the visit, as he loved her very much too.

Her daughter, Linda Day, stopped by this summer with Alma to visit me. Once again I wasn’t home!

I stopped by to see her on Kingscreek. The girls were there, and she was out gad-a-bouting.

Kingscreek will never be the same without little mountain Mama. She always enjoyed the Calihan reunion. You could count on her bringing her famous golden yellow chicken and dumplings. Alma whispered to me her secret recipe. We had a good laugh. Someone asked us why we were giggling;, we wouldn’t tell!

Clayton and I, along with my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, stopped by a couple of times to visit Alma, Sometimes she would be breaking up green beans to can and Mattie and I would help her break beans.

Alma had an old-fashioned cook stove on her screened-in porch. Oh everything was always so clean. She always wanted us to spend the night with her. Now I wished I had, just to sleep in her featherbed!

Alma spent most of her life in the house she was born in. She and Watson moved away for just a short time, due to his working for the railroad.

She was blessed with devoted children. Each of them loved their mother dearly, and she loved them too.

They chose to stay with her right to the end of her life. There were always two of them staying at a time. They would bring her to Indiana and Ohio for a while, then she wanted to go back home!

Clayton and I had the pleasure to go to her birthday party at the Lions Club in Aurora, Ind. We also went to a Christmas party for the Whitaker family. Alma thought of me as one of her children, and Clayton too.

Alma was well known for her stack cakes. Why, I think one sold for quite a bit to help her little mountain Tolson Creek Church.

Alma loved to quilt and gave away several quilts for gifts. When her children was little she would sew for extra money. One time when we stopped by to visit, she had a quilt on the frame.

Alma also worked in the lunchroom at schools. She wrote a column for The Mountain Eagle for years.

Alma leaves several children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and so many friends, who loved her. She is going to be greatly missed by one and all.

There’s a song called “Goodbye to An Angel” That is how I feel about Alma Whitaker. Thanks to the Whitaker Bunch for sharing this special person with me!

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