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Remembering feed sack dresses

Hello everyone!

Grab cup of coffee or maybe a cold drink sit down and let’s chat for a bit.

I hear that school has already started in lots of places around this area. I don’t understand why they can’t wait at least until after Labor Day so people can get their vacations over with.

There are several schools that don’t have air conditioners and it gets awful hot in the buildings.

I am glad in a way that my children are grown and I don’t have to worry about preparing for all that parents go through today to get students back in school. The school fees alone are enough to scare you, plus you can’t just go buy what you want to get lower grade school kids started as it has to be specified items. Not to mention the cost of clothes for the little ones.

Southern Ohio

How many of you women folk remember the feed sack dresses your mom would make and how pretty they looked freshly washed and ironed?

I talked to Ann Calihan for a bit. Johnny fell down the basement steps and, thank God, he didn’t break any bones although he is banged up rather bad. Johnny never seems to change. I’ve read of women growing old gracefully, and Johnny must have a secret as he ages because it sure hasn’t hurt him a bit.

Ann is such an amazing person also as she seems to take things in stride no matter what she is facing.

Please keep the Calihan family in your prayers.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner this week as it has been a very rough week for me.

I made the trip to Indianapolis to see the specialist. Right now nothing can be done, and he is prescribing a medication that isn’t FDA approved. It is similar to Raglan, which I was on for a couple of months. I was taken off it as it causes palsy. The medication has to be ordered from Canada or Australia.

I am a little leery as it can play with your heart. I had an EKG and it was all right, so I guess I will try it.

There’s something I don’t understand. Why wasn’t the Shriners’ festival advertised? Nothing was in The Mountain Eagle or on the Internet.

Ricky Caudill is trying to get some rest as his sister Janie Klamerus and Marcia Caudill wore him out. They visited several antique shops, and ate out a few times. A good time was had by all three and no matter how tired Ricky was he would do it all again. Janie was in for a high school reunion, which she tries to attend each year.

Well I am very late trying to get this column out, so until next time.

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