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Remembering Steve



On February 26, if he had lived, our beloved Steve would have been 47 years of age. We remember Steve as a fun-loving son who loved everyone and didn’t make derogatory remarks about anyone. He loved everyone and tried to be a friend to everyone. We remember how proud he was being a coalminer and being able to provide anything they needed. But we could see the worry in his eyes each time he entered the mine, and the tears in his eyes when a member of his family was sick.

He worked hard and often doubled back and worked 16 hours before going home, exhausted but happy to get the extra hours. He loved to take his family on vacation every chance he got. He loved his family and wanted to make them as happy as he could because he was proud of them and proud of his little home on Johnson Fork, which he was paying for laboring in the mines.

He didn’t complain but thanked God for each day he received upon this Earth. His smile was contagious and would light up a room. He had a smile for everyone he met. Steve was happy because he was a born again Christian. I felt like a king, just being able to call him Brother because I had seen the change from nature to grace long ago, and I had hopes of hearing him preach as I had done for 18 plus years.

We saw how happy he was being with little children. At Christmas he would go out of his way to help anyone in need. He visited the hospitals and jails and was quick to remind those incarcerated that God loved them even if nobody else did.

We remember him riding his little girl up the hollow on his Harley when he could get a little bit of gas . . . he loved everyone, especially children. Steve had a heart of gold and his feelings were easily hurt, often to the point of tears. He was humble and didn’t want to offend anyone. He loved to take his family places and wanted to share whatever the Lord had blessed him with, no matter how meager. We saw how happy he was when anyone came to visit and sat around and talked with him, and often sat on his porch to welcome anyone who happened to come by. He was raised in a Christian home which we are so thankful for, and we are proud to say that he was our son.

God given love. But still that wasn’t enough to keep the devil away and we saw how happy he was the night he died, only hours after talking with us by phone. Only God knows how much we wish we could call 6646 and he would answer one more time, as he did on Friday night, December 14, 2012.

We are looking forward to standing beside Steve on Judgment Day and be judged according to the deeds done in the flesh, offered by the ones who loved him.

His family

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