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Repeal the 16th and 17th amendments in the Constitution

This is a letter to Mr. Cody Willard, Fox News, New York, NY.

I want to share this letter with the readers of The
Mountain Eagle
here in Letcher County, Ky.

Mr. Willard, I watch your show ‘Happy Hour’ on the Fox News channel several times a week. You carry a copy of the Constitution in your pocket. Please read it and find the word ‘democracy’ in our Constitution.

Our government is not a democracy and there has never been a viable, successful democracy to exist in the history of mankind. The Greeks dabbled with the experiment, but it never worked for any great length of time.

The Greeks, who were well versed in mathematics, geography, astrology, engineering science and many other great gifts they gave to mankind during their illustrious civilization. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to find a utopian form of government.

Although the Greeks were on the right track in their democracy concept of government with liberty and justice for all, with the concept of majority rule, it never worked, and democracy fell into decay.

Our government is not a democracy, it is a representative republic with a constitution guaranteeing individual liberty and the limits of what the federal government responsibilities are.

In 1789 the Constitution had 10 amendments called ‘The Bill of Rights.’ The framers of the Constitution knew there would be more amendments added to the Constitution in the years to come such as freedom from slavery in America, women’s right to vote, and many others.

The founding fathers knew that a near majority of votes would result in the majority forcing their views down the throats of the minority, casing anarchy, which would result in the destruction of the United States Constitution. This is discussed in the Federalist Papers.

The founding fathers created a true representative republic. The people in each state elected their local officials and the state legislature and Governor. The federal government was to be chosen by the citizens of each state, electing their only U.S. Congressman.

The Senate was to be chosen by the state legislature of each state. The president was to be chosen by elector vote.

However, a series of progressive movement that existed in the late 19th century and well into the early 20th century managed to have three amendments inserted into the Constitution. All of these amendments were rogue amendments (not belonging in the Constitution at all). These amendments were the 16th, 17th, and 18th amendments.

The 18th amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol. Virtually all big cities started to fall into anarchy, as thousands of people were killed by the Mafia and other gangs all over the United States. This amendment was later repealed in 1933. Now each state regulates alcoholic beverages.

However, the most damaging amendments were the 16th and 17th, which are responsible for taking the power out of each citizen’s hand, which was guaranteed to the people by the Constitution, that the power of this country would lie in each person’s hands, and have equal rights.

The 16th amendment allowed the federal government to tax everyone’s income. This transfer of power from the people’s hands has helped to create the $13 trillion debt, which we cannot pay for.

The senators were to be selected by the direct vote of the state legislature. Now, the 17th amendment allows the senators to be chosen by the popular vote. This amendment has led to congressional chaos. The senators have no term limit. The mess on Capitol Hill has been responsible for the senators creating an elite body not swayed by the voters, and many have served for a lifetime.

Definitely not what the founding father expected! Therefore, we must repeal the 16th and 17th amendments to restore our Constitution and save our republic from destruction and anarchy.

Already, this nation is in a verbal philosophical civil war, and extremists from both sides. Liberal and conservatives are starting to bring their views to violence. We, the people, must take control and restore our constitution form of government.

The politicians will listen to a drive to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments, this I guarantee.

The Tea Party Dissidents should take hold and repeal the 16th and 17th amendments in each state.

References from historical documents and written history: the Constitution itself, the Federalist Papers, Meditations by Marcus Arilus, Webster’s Dictionary 1964 Edition, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbone, Greek and Roman history thoroughly researched in my books over the span of my lifetime.

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