Whitesburg KY

Reporting to the White House

I was at Hickam Air Base, Hawaii, when I had the phone call from the White House.

I was told the President was very unhappy with his Air Force One crew at that time.

They were not good marchers in parades they sometimes had when they flew to another country.

When the President found I had trained troops to march in formation during my career, he wanted me to report to him now. I took the first flight out to stateside.

When I reported into the White House and met the President face to face, he had found that during my 20-some years in the Air Force I had trained troops to march in formation. The President asked me to train the Air Force One crew into good marchers before they came back to their jobs.

The NCO Academy made room for the Air Force One crew at McCoy Air Force Base, Orlando, Fla., in 10 days for me to train the whole academy how to march in formation in the five weeks we would be there.

After all this training, all of us would head south to watch the first shot into space by our Air Force. All this went down in history.

I came out of all this smelling like a rose, and the President was very happy.

(The late Everett Vanover, a contributing writer for many years for The Mountain Eagle, was born in Jenkins and lived in California.)

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