Whitesburg KY

Rescuers carry hiker to safety

Pine Mountain Search and Rescue (PMSAR) carried a Virginia woman off of Pine Mountain Trail last Friday after she injured her foot while hiking.

The 61-year-old woman was in a group of four people when she turned her ankle, making her unable to bear weight, according to a release from PMSAR.

Pine Mountain Search and Rescue received the call shortly after noon on May 26, and responded to a private cabin near Flatgap, where rescuers could enter the woods nearer to the area where the woman was hurt. A ground team of two PMSAR Explorer advisors and two PMSAR Explorers located one of her companions, who separated from the group in an attempt to find cell phone signal, and then located the other three a half-hour later after PMSAR Spc. Stephanie Gilbert, a member of the first ground team, backtracked the first person they located, according to PMSAR.

Explorers provided first aid, and another four-person crew made up of three PMSAR members and an Explorer met them on the trail, and helped carry the injured hiker out of the woods. The group was back to safety about 6 p.m.

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Pine Mountain Search and Rescue formed Explorer Post 1 in December 2016, the first Search and Rescue Explorer post in Kentucky. There are numerous SAR Explorer posts in the Pacific Northwest and California.

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