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Retired teachers honored

The week of October 21- 27 has been named Retired Teachers’ Week.

Carolyn Falin, President of the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association, issued a proclamation saying, “Kentucky’s retired teacher have devoted their careers to the education and training of literally thousands upon thousands of Kentucky’s youth.

“ Kentucky’s ret i red teachers have retrained and/or provided primary educational opportunities to hundreds of adults in the state who for one reason or other, had fallen behind in the formal education needed for job and social skills.

“ Kentucky’s ret i red teachers rendered valuable services in diverse leadership roles in their communities and institutions throughout their careers and continue to render such service as retirees,” she said. “Kentucky’s retired teachers represent the profession, which is given the basic responsibility for launching the careers of state and national leaders and for laying the foundation for the welfare of all members of our society.

“ Kentucky’s ret i red teachers have toiled ceaselessly to improve the quality of life in the state and nation,” said Falin, “too often in less than adequate circumstances and for less than adequate pay.

“ Kentucky’s ret i red teachers represent a tremendous pool of experience and training which remains dedicated to the betterment of society everywhere.

“ Kentucky’s ret i red teachers represent a loyal, patriotic, and concerned citizenry,” Falin said, “which provided a dedicated and dependable support to the leaders in our communities, state and nation.”

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