Whitesburg KY

Retired teachers met at Fishpond

On Sept. 7, several members and guests of the Letcher County Retired Teachers met at Fishpond Lake for a potluck lunch. Those attending were Joyce and Charlie Whitaker, Ella Preston, Corsie Collins, Helen Bentley, Darrell Boggs, Jack and Ruby Burkich, Katherine Thompson, Lanna Dixon, Brenda DePriest, Eileen Sanders, Gladys Campbell, Sally and Herb Caudill, Elwood Cornett, Ernie Trosper and Harold Van Hook.

After lunch the members heard presentations from Harold Van Hook and Ernie Trosper concerning increasing membership in the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association. The two speakers said there are many benefits available to retired teachers through this membership. For more information, visit the website for KRTA at www.krta.org or contact a member of Letcher County Retired Teachers to inquire about a FACT SHEET and how to become a member of KRTA and/or LRTA.

On Sept. 19, several members of the LRTA attended the fall regional meeting of Upper Kentucky River Retired Teachers Association at Buckhorn Lake State Park. The attendees were given information on several areas including health and insurance, legislative initiatives, membership, AARP and National Retired Teachers Association, and medical and retirement benefits. Those attending this meeting were Joyce and Charlie Whitaker, Jack and Ruby Burkich, Lanna Dixon, Brenda DePriest, Katherine Thompson and Eileen Sanders.

The next meeting for Letcher County Retired Teachers Association will be on Dec. 7.

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