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Retired teachers urged to respond

To the Editor:

To all Letcher County retired and active teachers: All of you should have gotten a bulletin with the heading of Social Security about these two acronyms.

WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) penalizes anyone reaching retirement age, drawing a KTRS pension and eligible for a Social Security pension. The penalty on your Social Security pension could be as much as 40 percent of the amount you would normally draw.

GPO (Government Pension Offset) would penalize anyone whose spouse worked in a position and paid into Social Security, not KTRS. When this spouse dies, the KTRS employee usually will not receive any Social Security benefits after they subtract your KTRS pension from your Social Security benefits.

I urge all of you to fill out the form sent to you some weeks ago and attach a $20 check to KRTA before June 30, 2010. KRTA is joining other states in lobbying to repeal their punitive acts. It costs to lobby in D.C., even for volunteers.

If you don’t have this slip, or don’t understand what this is all about, call me at 633-3444.
Letcher County Retired
Teachers Association

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