Whitesburg KY

Retirement fades away as seniors join workforce

Like millions of Americans, Nancy Wright gets up every Monday morning, gets dressed, grabs a quick breakfast and heads out the door to work.

At age 62 she had never held a job outside her home. With only a seventh-grade education, she knew it would be hard to find a good-paying job but needed the extra income to help with household bills. Wright, a widow and the mother of two sons, lives in Letcher County.

In July 2004, Nancy Wright enrolled in the Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). She expressed an interest in caring for adults and was placed at the McRoberts Adult Day Care Center. At the center she helps staff in the areas of personal hygiene, meals, and recreation activities. She also assists in provided a loving and nurturing environment for the clients.

After Wright was at the center for 2 1/2 years, the center was able to hire her. She says she loves her job and enjoys the time she spends helping with the clients who attend daily.

Participants in SCSEP are assigned to government or nonprofit agencies that have agreed to be training sites. They get onthe job training and work experiences so they are ready for per- manent jobs.

There are currently 28 participants enrolled in the program and taking training throughout the Kentucky River Area Development District and in Floyd and Pike counties.

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