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Reunion was a success

Love and best wishes to all Mountain Eagle readers today and always.

I got home from the Pikeville hospital Sunday and I feel somewhat better. They couldn’t find any heart problem and think my thyroid medication needs to be checked out. It may be what’s causing me to feel tired and run down.

So I’ll have to go see my family doctor to get him to check this all out. I just hope it will be okay. Dr. William M. Collins is my family doctor at Whitesburg.

Putting the reunion together was a bit stressful, but yet so pleasurable to think of all the dear ones coming to be with me one more time. I sure was rewarded blissfully when the big day arrived May 28. Around 150 people showed up and were just beautiful to see as they came in the front door. I was joy-filled in my heart. Their sweet smiles and good hugs and handshakes filled me to the overflowing of happy tears.

Clarence Holcomb, his brother Ross, and two grandsons came from Hamilton, Ohio. Clarence is 92 years old and is legally blind, but was so happy to see everyone again. They truly loved the times they spent going to school at the old Kingdom Come High School. He learned so much and learned woodwork and has done so many wonderful projects in his life. He has whittled a wooden chain out of a piece of wood that has 92 links – one for every year of age up until now. It is amazing. He has also put the dates on the chain for each year. It was a joy to see him again.

God bless Clarence and all his wonderful family members who came — Ross and grandsons Wallace and Imogene from Williamsburg. I love and thank you for caring.

When I looked and saw my darling brother, Emory W. Cornett and family, I was again filled to a flood of tears. He made the trip from Indiana, is near 78 years old and has Parkinson disease, the kind that weakens the muscles in the whole body. I sure hurt to see him so weak and bent over so badly, yet he still he wanted to come. His wife Carlen isn’t well either, but loves to come see us. They came with their grandson Nicolas Craine and his wife Judy and their eight-month-old baby boy Ethen. Nicolas and Judy are so good to help their Pap and Granny. The baby is a darling and so pretty and good. I love you Em and Darlene for making this long trip to be with us. You are so special to my heart.


Also present were my dearest friends Kirk and Jerene Kindly who made the long trip from Idaho. They flew down to Lexington and got a rental car and came on to the reunion. They are very dear and very special people. I love them.

My dear friends Judy and Marvin Combs from Florida also came, as did Kenneth W. Roark from Port Richey, Fla., and his nephew, Mickey Helton.

Polly Maucher and Rose Ballard (who writes a column in The Mtn. Eagle every week) came from Harrison, Ohio.

To my cousins Juanita and Evadean and son Larry Elkins of Columbus, Ind., it was so good to see you and also Ron and Ernestine Havron of Columbus. I love you. Quenton Ison and party, along with my friend all my life, Mata Lee Ingram Ison, came from Indiana. She’s the widow of the late Venon Ison.

Bernice Cornett Baker, her daughter Pamela, and nieces Rachel and Caron Kelly and daughter were also here. Bernice was a member of my Class of 1949. We have been best friends all of our lives — also Glennon B. Ison and wife Thelma (class of 1949).

Lavene Jones and Imogene Barnes from Milford, Ohio were here as my very special guests. They are precious to me. I’ve known Lavene since we were in grade school together on Ingram’s Creek. He used to pester me all the time. He threw a green snake on me when we were out playing and I told him that if I had a gun I’d kill him. Ha, ha! He just laughed at me. I kicked him once and he got my leg and held onto it for 10 minutes or more while I hopped around trying to get loose. That weaned me from trying to kick anyone.

What memories!

Evelyn Halcomb and party also came. She has been away from Linefork since 1943. It was good to meet her. Bob, the chestnut tree worker from Georgetown, was there as he promised, and so many more I can’t name all of them.

My two sons also came to the reunion, Roger Dale and wife Susan, of Nashville, Tenn., and David Emory of South Carolina and his daughter, Rachel Lea from Atlanta, Ga., where she is going to college to be a teacher. She is a real doll, and is doing good. She’s 22 and so lovely.

Forgive me if I’ve forgotten who all was there, but I was so busy I couldn’t visit everyone, and that is the bad part of a get together. If I missed you, please don’t be hurt.

Oh yes, I just remembered my sweet past neighbor, Norma Jean Bates C. Pena and her son, Paul E. Cornett, a son of my late cousin, Paul Cornett. They live in Winchester, Ind. She lost her late husband and best friend to her in the world. She is alone now, but has her children close to her. I love you, Norma. Come again soon.

My niece and her daughter and her husband and baby also came. They are Donna Gail Disney Tucker and Matt and Amy Farley and baby boy Caden. Donna lives in Russell Springs, and Amy and Matt in Elizabethtown, and my sister, Judith Disney and Don’s family also came. Donna is a great photographer. She loves getting pictures of everyone. She made a bunch.

One of Claude’s first cousins, Pauline Roark, passed away at her home June 9. I didn’t get to go see her. She was the wife of the late Kingdon Roark and a granddaughter of Claude’s grandparents, Jonah Cornett and Arlene Foutch Cornett. They raised her from a baby and loved her like their own. My sympathy goes out to her family.

A whole bunch of my friends and neighbors went to Lexington to a big bluegrass festival at Kentucky Horse Park over the weekend to see J. D. Crow. Among those attending were my grandsons and their mom, Louan and Bruce, my cousin, and his son Larry Jones and Bertha Turner, and some of her family and friends. I hope they have a good time.

I guess I’d better get up and get this in before it’s too late. Bye-bye to all and blessings galore to all my family and loved friends.

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