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Rev. Currie Clark, not Rev. Tom Currie

The Mountain Eagle
has been asked to clear up confusion surrounding the highly-publicized arrest earlier this month of Currie Pat Clark Jr., a Presbyterian minister charged with nearly 300 counts of having sex with a young boy in central Kentucky.

Clark Jr. served as minister of the Isom and Blackey Presbyterian churches for a short period of about 13 months, between December 2006 and January 2008. Readers say Clark Jr.’s name is being confused with that of the Reverend Tom Currie, who served as minister at the Blackey and Isom churches for a number of years before retiring and moving to North Carolina in 2006.

“Local gossip being what it is, I’ve been dismayed to hear many people confusing the former pastor of the Isom Presbyterian Church, Tom Currie, with the last pastor of the Isom Presbyterian Church, Currie Pat Clark,” one alarmed reader wrote in an e-mail message sent to the newspaper on Tuesday. “Currie Pat Clark is accused of alleged sex crimes in Georgetown, not Tom Currie. Perhaps a line in your paper would help stop the confusion and slander.”

The Rev. Tom Currie is a former contributing columnist with The

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