Whitesburg KY

Revival being held at Cram Creek Church


Hello everyone, hope all is going well with you. How about this pretty sunshine? I love it! It will be good to have spring fever. This has been such a bad winter, but we shouldn’t complain.

I got to be on jury duty and see everyone. Maybe this week we can have more days. I didn’t get to talk to anyone much.

It was good seeing Patsy and Bill King, our Marlowe friends. Bill hasn’t been in good health for awhile, but he loves reading about the Marlowe people.

I love remembering them. I can see where Marlowe used to be from my home, so I think of all of them.

It was good seeing Burdell Gilley at his sister, Kathleen Sexton’s, funeral. When I saw Burdell, the first thing I thought about was seeing him sitting in his mother’s lap. Nora Gilley, his late mother, loved holding him until he was a good-sized boy. I also think of his sister, Kathleen, singing with her mother, “I’m on My Way to the River of Jordan.” They sang it so pretty.

I have so many good memories to think back on and also some sad ones. So many of them gone, but not forgotten.

My son Larry Hatton had a complete hip replacement on Thursday in Pikeville Hospital. It was a four-hour surgery. He had the other hip done last year. I hope this one does as well as that one did. He was sure needing it bad. He is now out of the hospital. This was much worse than the other one, but he is home now, very sore, and having to take it easy for awhile.

I’m invited to a 60th anniversary party for Betty Sue and Earnest Anderson at the Jenkins Library this Saturday. I sure hope I get to go. There are supposed to be a lot of things going on.

My brother Bobby Ray Howard’s wife, Debbie, had surgery on Thursday also, and Marie Hale and Dock Frazier. I hope they are all doing well. I heard the surgeries went well.

Emma Lou Engle, I hope you are doing well. I hope when you get back to Whitesburg I get to see you. I enjoy the news of all of you ladies. You all seem to have so much to write about. I have to write my news by hand, and you all probably don’t. My writing gets real sloppy after a little while.

I just heard another one of our Marlowe boys, Rufus Noble, had died. He was the son of the late Mima and Vernon Noble. His brothers are Charles Noble, Vernon Jr., and Archie Noble. He had two sisters, Lenora and Barbara Fay. I’m not sure if both of them are still living. Rufus had lived away for a long time.

It was good talking with my sister Joann Brown in Indiana recently. I also talked to my friend Roberta in Roanoke, Va. She had both Rolands with her, Roland Sr. and Roland Jr., and their wives, Ruth and Ellen Brown.

I talked with Dorothy Tackett. She was going to a shower for Blake Mason’s wife at Sandlick Fire Department. It looks like Dorothy is going to be a great-grandmother again.

I’ve got two on the way from Jonathan ‘Jump’ and Jamie Hatton. This will be Jump’s first and Julie and Jamie’s second. Jamie’s is due on May. 20. He may have to vote from the hospital. They are sure excited.

I’ve been in some real good church services. Aggie Hatton and I went to Calvary Temple on Friday night. It was real good.

I went to Cram Creek Church on Saturday night, and it was a great service. They are in a 30-day revival there, and lots of people are attending. The ‘Donald Hardin Family’ was there. They are a talented family. They brought the grandbabies with them. I hadn’t seen the twins before. They are cute.

I’m sure enjoying these sunny days. It’s hard to stay indoors.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Heather Day. I didn’t know her, but I know her parents and grandparents.

It was good seeing Dan Combs and wife Penn, and her brother, James Caudill, at Pine Mountain Grill on Sunday. Dan has been a longtime neighbor.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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