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Mostly sunny

Revival planned at Whitco church


Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well.

If you are looking for exciting news, you need to stop right here. Not much is going on that I’ve heard about.

We still have lots to folks who are sick and need everyone’s prayers. My sister Kathleen Brock is back in the hospital and it’s wearing her out. She’s been in so much and we want so much to see her get better and get back in church where she wants to be. We are thankful she has a good family who take good care of her and she sure has a lot of friends who do all they can for her and we all appreciate that.

Our church had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings on Thursday. We planned on selling 100 dinners and we sold 170 and had to turn some away. We sure appreciated all the good helpers who worked so hard and enjoyed it. I offered to help, but they didn’t need me. They had the kitchen filled. We sure have good cooks and they are all ready to help.

I just have to brag on them and they are so faithful and our church is doing so well. Lots of folks had been missing because of jobs. They had to leave and it’s worked out they got to come back and we are glad.

I got a call from my cousin Imogene Adkins. She said she loved the Marlowe pictures. She is a Marlowe girl also. I told her to send me some of her family pictures and I’ll show them off for her.

My sister Louise Shepherd is not doing well and needs prayer. I think she is doing better, but she has a long way to go. She is living with her daughter Carol Day and husband Randall. They are so good to her.

I’m really looking forward to our Howard family reunion on Oct. 11 and also a three-day revival with Bro. David Miller of Dayton, Ohio, on Oct. 8, 9 and 10 at Whitco Pentecostal Church. Our pastor Bro. John Conn and all the congregation invited everyone to come. You will enjoy it.

My son Larry Hatton will have a birthday on Oct. 10. I won’t tell her age or people will think I’m old. He’s my youngest son.

My brother Jack Howard says they have been having a great revival at Pine Creek Church where he goes. Bro. Johnny Mullins is pastor.

I’m glad my sister Kathleen Brock got to go home from the hospital Friday. She doesn’t seem to be much better, but she’s glad to be home.

I have to tell this. Letcher County Central High School had an election for a homecoming king and guess who won. Our own Larry Kevin Day won. So he’s moving on up in the world. I think everyone loves that boy! Now he’s king. Congratulations, Larry! Do we have to salute when you meet him? No, just a hug will do; he likes that.

My son Rob is going to Lexington to go to a ballgame with his son Dr. Kevin Hatton and his sons Will and Loren. Rob was looking forward to that. They will have a good time.

I’m looking forward to having all four of my sons at the Howard reunion Oct. 11. I sure hope the weather will be good and the trees will be pretty. Right now we are having a few cool days, but it’s supposed to get warmer.

Vickie Hatton of Sandusky, Ohio, was born in Marlowe. I was so pleased to get your letter, a long one.

I love getting letters, don’t get many. Not many people write letters. It’s Facebook and telephones now. I’ve always looked forward to letters. I still like the old-fashioned way. I’ve never changed with the times and I’m never bored. I can always find things to do if I want to.

I’ve heard that Paul Wilson is in very poor health and needs everyone’s prayers. I’ve known him all his life. His father, the late Robert Wilson, was my pastor a Whitco Church for many years and was also a good friend of all my family.

I went to a birthday party at the rec center on Sunday for my greatgrandson John Luke Hatton, one-year-old son of Andrea and Dr. Jonathan Hatton. It was a nice party. Dr. Heath Cook and wife and their two beautiful children were there. It was mostly family and close friends and some of the prettiest little boys and girls I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed it all.

My sister Kathleen Brock had her daughter Sandy Carroll and her husband and some of their family of Louisville visiting on Sunday. She has had lots of visitors. Like me, she has a large family and they are all close — the way it should be.

I haven’t been to Pine Mountain Grill this week and I’ve missed seeing all the people I love to see there “but I’ll be back.”

I haven’t heard from my good friend Anna Watkins in Florida for a while and also Iva (Absher) Cheatham in Stanton and many more. But I did see my friend Shelby Jean Feltner on TV a few nights ago. She looked good. She sings with a group called Heaven’s Jubilee and also her daughter and husband and friends. They are really good singers.

Shelby Jean’s brother Larry Miller was my good neighbor, one of the best. I still miss him and his family, but I still see him in church.

When I first started writing this time, I didn’t have one single thing in my mind and looks like I written a whole book. Hope I haven’t bored you to sleep. May God bless all of you

Our sympathy goes out to Helen Cooper in the loss of her mother. I know that feeling.

Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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