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Partly sunny

Revival this week at Haymond church

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hoping all had a good week.

A mistake was made in last week’s paper. Frank Fields is 64 years old instead of 67. Sorry, but my brother-in-law gave me the wrong age. Frank is a preacher at Haymond Pentecostal Church as well as my brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe. They are having a revival this week at 6 p.m. nightly. Everyone is invited. Lots of good preaching and singing.

Late happy birthday to Thomas Sturgill. He is the son of Carolyn and Frank Sturgill. Hope he had a great day. Also, late happy birthday to Roger Hoskins, May 18. Also having birthdays last week were Kevin Day, Donny Ballard and the former Sandi Miles, all on May 17. Hopefully they all had a great day.

Birthdays this week are: Erica Demery on May 23, she will be 24; Kenny Ray Harvey on May 23; Kylee Faith Gibson on May 24, she will be 2; Emma Day Adams on May 25; Rose Ballard on May 27; Tommy Bockover on May 28; Joe Maggard on May 29. Hoping all of them have a wonderful birthday.

My brother- i n – l aw Philmore Fields died two years ago on May 23. He was married to my husband’s sister Carolyn and is still missed by all of us.

Well, my husband James went to the sleep lab at Whitesburg. He has extreme sleep apnea and had to go back a second time to be fitted for a mask. So now he is on a CPAP machine at night. Thank God it helps him sleep much, much better.

My sympathy goes to the Cooper and Blair family for the loss of Melanie Cooper Blair. I did not know her but I knew her family. May the Lord comfort their hearts during this time.

Also, Pastor Glenn Potter died last week. Keep his family in prayer. He and his wife Sandy were good singers and I enjoyed his banjo playing.

Audrey Hammonds called the other day. She is doing some better.

Carla Maggard is in the hospital and daughter Destiny said that she had a stroke. Keep her in prayer. She has had a lot to deal with lately.

I do not know what I have done to people down here but someone got on the forum on Topix and spread a lie about my husband and me. Some other family members and so other families we know. They should know what they are talking about before they get on there and name names, but they are too big of a chicken to put their real name on there.

We know what we are doing and what we are not doing and God knows and people that know us would know it is a lie. Yes, we both have medical problems and, yes, we take prescription meds for it and that is all I have to say about it.

If you want to know anything else, come to me and I will tell you. Do not spread lies about me or my family. I guess just about everyone winds up there one time or another.

Well, school is almost out. My granddaughter Ashley will officially graduate with her class on June 1. I am so proud of her and knew she could do it. She finished school a few months ago but graduation will not be until June 1.

Becca will be a senior next year and Michaela will be a freshman. I am proud of all of them. They grow up so fast.

Eugene Day picked me a mess of poke salad and it sure was good. He and Irene are doing fair. Hazel Rayburn is doing fine.

Well, folks, I am off here for now. Until next time. Be good to yourself and one another. Attend the church of your choice. Pray for someone.

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