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Rhubarb frozen last summer becomes this spring’s jam


Greetings from the hills and valleys of Eolia and Eolia Christian Community Outreach.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we carry nothing out. I Timothy 6:6, 7

Last week ECCO was bustling with activity. Wednesday we had a jam-making cookoff. Liz Sturgill, June Nell Sturgill, Sharon Bird, Jamie Trapnell, Stephanie Broersma, and myself made three batches of strawberry rhubarb jam. The rhubarb was given to me last summer and it was chopped in pieces and frozen until time to use. The end result was several jars of tasty and beautiful bright red jam.

Stephanie had her usual “Story Time” program Friday for home-schooled and preschool children. It is such a pleasure to hear the sweet laughter of children as the adults read and interact with these kids while reading them a story. If it’s a warm, sunny day, they take them to the park after story time. Story Time is Friday at the ECCO community room beginning at 10 a.m. This is such a good thing, not only for the children but it also gives the mothers a chance to socialize and share information about their children.

Tuesday evening we had our Neighborhood Watch Program at ECCO and Deputy Brian Damron was our guest speaker. He told us the sheriff’s department had not received a call from Eolia in over a month but with the warmer weather coming that could change. It seems the crime rate rises along with the temperature. And as if right on cue, the next day we learned someone had broken the door to the storage room at the park. We also learned the door had been broken for a few days. The sad thing is, the damage was done for no reason because nothing of real value is kept in the storage room except a few Christmas decorations. The next day we learned someone had vandalized a school bus at Arlie Boggs School.

Enough bad news, the good news is we’ll soon have a larger parking lot and water available at the park. Our next goal is to install restrooms. We also expect to receive wood chips to be distributed along the nature trail and under the playground equipment. It is heartwarming to be at a park meeting and see and hear the good folks of our community with enthusiasm making plans for a better place to live.

Thought for the day: “The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift not a right.”

News from the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center by Jewel Maggard:

“Hi, seniors. We are all truly blessed. Are you content with what God has provided for you? Read I Timothy 6:6. I’m truly happy and thankful with all the Lord has given me. I just want to be a blessing to everyone I meet.

“Linda Curry went to hear evangelist Donald Harding at the Seco Pentecostal Church. She said it was a wonderful blessing.

“Our seniors are busy as bees during this warm weather. Ruby Adams has been busy cleaning house. We’re glad to hear Virgie Delph and Yvonne Mullins are walking really well with their casts. Orville Collier, Sue Cook and Geneva Tolaver say they are feeling better these days. Marie Snell is taking physical therapy. Norma Rhymer received two loveseats and they sit great. I know because I tried them out. Mae Lewis has already started her garden by planting tomato plants in a bucket. She says they’re about one inch high. Marvin will be sowing his tomato seeds before long also. We pot them inside and when they are tall enough we plant them outside.

“Yolanda, the niece of Geneva Tolaver, decorated Geneva’s living room in a U.K. theme. She made couch covers, curtains, and covered a lampshade in the U.K. theme. It looks beautiful. We all agree Yolanda should go into the home decorating business.

“Marvin is up for retirement but still has some days to take off. He’s been busy mowing the yard and chopping down wild rose bushes. He says he loves it.

“Let us always remember – Jesus loves us and will take care of us.”

Community bulletin board: Neighborhood Watch meeting at ECCO the first Monday of each month at 6 p. m. We encourage everyone to attend. Rockvine Baptist Church youth group meets every Thursday at 6 p. m. ; the bus will run. Call 633-4948. The Eolia Community Park Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p. m. at ECCO. Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department meets at 11 a. m. the second Sunday of each month at the Partridge station. Volunteers are welcome. The Partridge Lions Club meets at 6:30 p. m. the third Thursday of each month at the Ovenfork Senior Citizen Center. Come and bring a guest.

This week our prayer list includes: Cora Lee Sturgill, June Nell Sturgill, Barbara Shelton, Judy Branham, Marie Snell, Lucy Maggard, Marie Starr, Nora and Lillian, Lois Young, Bear Hissom, Kess “Rusty” Halcomb, Ruth Halcomb, Olivia Blair, Curt Sturgill, Jr. Carter, Pastor Lloyd Mullins, Beryl Brown, Dorothy Nease, Tony and Brenda Gross. Also to be lifted up in prayer are those enslaved by drugs and alcohol, may they be delivered, the troops in Iraq, the United States and Iraq, the leaders of our country, all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

You may contact us by writing to ECCO, 135 Emily Lane, Eolia, Ky. 40826. Our e-mail is eccotruth@peoplepc.com.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, “God bless.”

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