Whitesburg KY

Road repairs looking good

Big Cowan

Hello! I hope everyone is well.

931 South is looking good, thanks to the paving crew. They are almost to my house. It feels lots better driving to Whitesburg without all the potholes.

Also, I keep forgetting to thank the paving crew for fixing the broken road that was in front of Madge Combs’s old store. We were afraid the road would break off and we would be in someone’s front yard. It really looks good.

I hope the roads stay good through the winter months. They probably will go to Cowan Mountain next, and it really needs it.

I like to see new improvements and paving. Now if they would fix the old bridges at Whitco next to Crawford’s. It definitely needs a new guardrail, and the one by King’s Chapel has a crack in the concrete underneath the bridge, if I am correct.

I made a mistake in last week’s paper: Deidra Gibson’s birthday was on July 21 instead of July 20. Sorry for the mistake.

Well, our trip to VA Medical Center in Johnson City, Tenn., went well. We stopped at Golden Corral for dinner and it was very good.

Brenda Stidham and David Williams got married last week. Congratulations to both of them. It was a surprise to some of us. She is a daughter of Atha Fields and the late Junior Fields. She has one son, Donnie Adams. I hope they have a long and happy life together.

Archie Ray Fields has been in Pikeville Hospital again for a high white blood cell count, and they took his second toe off on his right foot. He is home now and still getting antibiotics. Hopefully no more hospitals for awhile.

Francis Day cut his finger, and I think he has stitches. Eddie Wolfe cut his finger and it is very swollen. Stay away from pipes and knives, guys. Ha, ha!

Agnes Maggard was going back to the doctor to see if she can have her cast removed. She has worn it for eight weeks. I haven’t heard back from her. Bill is still on oxygen 24/7. Their daughter, Anna, moved in with them to help them out. They sure needed her as they are both in bad health.

Keep me in prayer. I’m still having lower back and leg pain. It’s hard to walk very far.

It’s just another sign of old age and as we all know, getting old sucks. I could barely make it through the long halls and parking lot at VA Med Center. I saw two cops and almost flagged them down to give this old gal a ride to the car.

I guess James and I should have caught the shuttle bus. “This old mare ain’t what she used to be.”

I’m always afraid of getting lame, because they shoot horses when they can no longer go. I hope my husband doesn’t get the same idea. Ha, ha!

Shelby Bockover called from Greensburg, Ind., to see how everyone was doing. Her Mountain Eagle ran out and she hopes to renew it next month. She misses keeping up with everyone.

The rain we have been having was a welcome sight to everyone, and it has cooled down some. I just love it.

Bobbie (Miles) Bowman is home from the hospital. I saw her on the front porch. Hopefully she and her husband are doing well. Keep them both in your prayers.

Well, it’s time to go. I hope all have a good week. Attend the church of your choice, and may God bless you.

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