Whitesburg KY
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Partly cloudy

Roads get longer as you grow older


Things are pretty quiet over here, not many coming or going like we used to have. So many of our people are gone and they are truly missed.

The dogwood and redbud trees are blooming and some people are getting ready to plant their gardens. There is plenty of work inside and outside after the winter season.

Kay Amburgey is still enjoying her visit with Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks and other relatives and friends. I am sure she misses her parents, the late Wallace and Myrtle Kincer, and many others who have passed away. They had many happy gatherings together as well as many other families who have passed away.

Best wishes to Bobby and Georgia Phillips who have been having some health problems. They are good neighbors as well many other of our neighbors, relatives and friends. We all need each other.

I enjoyed a nice call from our nephew, Eddie Pitts, in Oklahoma. He said they were planning to wait till fall to make their visit. They usually come in the spring. The road gets a little longer as you grow older. We always enjoy their visits. Hopefully his parents, Charles and Juanita Pitts of Tennessee, will come in the spring then they could come when Eddie gets here. Charles is one of the first grandchildren in my father’s family so he was pretty special as well as all the others.

Out of a large family of seven children, we were all blessed with long lives but one, Little Charlie Caudill, who died at the age of four with whooping cough and pneumonia. We have a beautiful picture of him. He looked very healthy. He could have been saved if we had the medicine then like we have now. We always loved him even though most of us never saw him. We had very caring and loving parents. My father was always telling my mother how beautiful she was. He would say, “There will never be another woman bragged on as much as you.” She would say, Oh hush, Hiram,” but she loved every word of it. We had many happy memories of childhood. They were two of Carl Bennett’s favorite people.

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