Whitesburg KY

Rob Campbell celebrates birthday

March delivered a taste of warm summer weather, then turned back to colder temperatures and even a little snow Monday morning. But it’s still a lot better than the tough winter we’ve had, plus it’s so pretty with all the spring flowers blooming everywhere.

The redbuds are just about to pop open, and if we get a little more sunshine they will be beautiful.

Belated birthday wishes to Arizona Adams of Blair Branch. They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and Johnny Ray Whitaker at Dixon Memorial Church last Sunday.

Ila Adams spent a night in the hospital last week and is doing a bit better afterward. Laramie, Randy and the others take such good care of their mom and check on her often. Jeremiah

Mom had a call from her sister, Juanita, in Somerset, and she is having heart and kidney problems. Mom and I went by to check on Ivan and Freda Adams, but didn’t find them home.

Jerry and Bonita Adams stopped in to see them last week for a few minutes.

Rob Campbell celebrated his birthday with his family fixing him a dinner and having a get-together. Happy birthday, Rob.

We hope that Hargis Ison is feeling better. He was having some problems and seeing a doctor about them.

A birthday get-together for Vi Caudill was held at the Blair Branch Church, Saturday. It looked like there was a good crowd wishing her a happy birthday.

Jerry Adams had been wanting a weathervane for his hay barn he’d built, and was really happy when Emma Amburgey gave him one that she and Owen had. They had it on the garage when they lived at Roxana and brought it when they moved to Jeremiah. It looks good on Jerry’s red barn.

Geraldine Ison had to go for a heart cath last week due to some chest pains she had been having. She came through the heart cath with good results and was released from Central Baptist the same day.

Sharon, Rodney and Geraldine, Mike and Becky all went to Nicholasville Cracker Barrel Restaurant for dinner and were happy to see Jessie Banks Scott for a few minutes before they came home.

Sue Banks Godson and her daughter, Colleen, also stopped in to see Jessie over the weekend. They spent a couple of nights at Georgetown with Sue’s friend, Medra, while Densmore was off on a fishing tournament.

Our family got together last Sunday at Don and Coreen Pridemore’s home for an anniversary dinner. It was their 57th anniversary.

We hope Doris Adams’s tests come back okay. They think she may have kidney cancer, but hopefully not.

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