Whitesburg KY

Robber leaves store without money after clerk calls for help

Police are still looking for a man who attempted to rob a Letcher County grocery store around closing time Friday night but “got spooked” and left after the cashier called for help over the store’s loud speaker.

David Whitaker, store manager of the Neon Food World IGA, said a man armed with a gun came into the store at 9:50 p.m. on April 3 and threw a bag across the counter at a cashier and demanded that she fill it with money. The cashier pushed buttons to open the register but became flustered and couldn’t get the drawer to release.

“He started demanding that she get (money) out of the safe,” said Whitaker. “Out of desperation she called for help on the intercom.”

Whitaker said the cashier screamed for the floor manager who came around the corner to help.

“He finally got spooked enough to leave the store,” Whitaker said of the robber. “The perpetrator had it in his mind how it was going to go and when it didn’t go the way he w anted it to he left .”

Whitaker said the man, who was wearing a ski mask, a brown Carhartt-style coat and work boots, got on an all-terrain vehicle with another man who was waiting outside the store. He said the two drove toward Haymond.

“I’m grateful that she or none of us were hurt,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker said a video surveillance recording which clearly shows the incident taking place has been turned over to Kentucky State Police.

Whitaker said this was the first time someone has tried to rob the store in about six years.

KSP Detective Chris Collins is in charge of the investigation and anyone with information is asked to call KSP at 606-435-6069 or 1- 800-222-5555.

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