Whitesburg KY

Rode our bikes on the Virginia Creeper Trail

We’re still having some nice weather here in the mountains. The leaves are gone, but it’s still a pretty time.

I hope all veterans had a good Armistice Day last Friday, and that everyone remembered to honor those who served their country either in wartime, or peace time. I send my best regards to them all.

Benji, Danna and Travis Smith recently spent a couple of days in South Carolina visiting Danna’s sister Debbie. They had a nice trip and visit.

We voted in the dark last Tuesday, due to a power outage. The voting machines have backup batteries, so you could still vote, and the fire and rescue squad had enough light for the workers to see by. Jeremiah

Bob, Hunter Banks and I took advantage of the nice weather that day and the fact that there was no school for Hunter. It was Bob’s day off for the election, and we went to Damascus, Va., to ride bikes on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

We rented bikes there and the van shuttle took us to the top of the trail at White Top Mountain. We rode down the trail, which used to be a railroad track, for about 18 miles back to Damascus, stopping to sightsee, use the bathroom, and rest some on the way, and also greet others biking or hiking on the trail.

The museum and local cafes were closed for the season, so we didn’t get to check them out. It was a great trip, but needless to say, 2 ½ hours is a lot of bike riding, and we were a little tired.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison had their grandson, Ryan, visiting with them for a couple of days recently.

Bonita Adams and Liberty and Noah Campbell spent last Tuesday and Wednesday in Lexington. Noah had a doctor’s appointment and they stayed with William and Lyndci Adams Gilliam. Noah checked out good at the doctor, and they enjoyed visiting, shopping and being with Lyndci.

We missed Bonita on our bike ride since she had hoped to go with us but couldn’t be in two places at once.

While visiting at the nursing home last week, we learned that Begie ‘Moose’ Breeding had died. We had stopped by to speak to his roommate and cousin, Joey Back, and Joey told us that he had just been told about Moose’s passing. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

Sunday was church time at the Little Ruby Church, and we were glad that Grace Caudill, Bill, Joyce and Bumper Adams were all able to attend, and appreciate all others who came out to support the old church.

The Saving Grace Community Church will be having a holiday bazaar and hot dog supper on Nov. 18 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be homemade crafts and goodies, and all money raised goes to local church ministries and charities. It will be held at the Little Ruby Church at Crases Branch, and all are welcome to attend.

We hope Doty Creek resident Margaret Bowling, is feeling better after having gallbladder surgery. She had to be taken to Holston Valley, Tenn., since the gallstones had gotten into her system, and one of them was blocking her duct. Hazel went with her, and ‘Bubba’ Mark was very concerned about his mamaw.

Kyra and Enos Blair were here from Indiana to check on Mary Blair. They and Kyra’s mom, Bobbie, were visiting Mary last Sunday, when we stopped by.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore and Gillis and Marie Reedy were there visiting Irene Dixon. Irene was doing well that evening and had gotten Wilma to bring her some pickled eggs.

Burlene Smith was also out in the hallway in her wheelchair. Her back and legs give her a lot of trouble lately.

We were pleased to receive some pictures of the Adams reunion from Jack and Jackie Salyers of Indiana. We were also glad that they had such a good time at the reunion and at Blackey Day.

This weekend will be Blair Branch church time, and all are welcome.

Chester and Odella Blair have been here visiting over the weekend.

I applaud Richard Smith’s effort to try and keep our local areas by their original and historic names. I often thought why didn’t all the 911 organizers take local folks with them and get the original names of our hollows and areas. It never made any sense to me why they didn’t do this in the beginning, since now it is too late, they say, to change them.

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