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Roger and Pat Miles mark 50th anniversary


Sorry I didn’t have a column last week, just hadn’t heard much to write about. Sometimes I just don’t see many people during the week.

Halloween has come and gone and hopefully all the little spooks had a good night and got plenty of candy. Bob takes advantage of that night to scare kids to death. We only had around 12 children this year, but Blair Branch reported over 80 at their homes.

Belated happy 50th wedding anniversary wishes to Roger and Pat Miles of Doty Creek.

Also, Homer Caudill of Doty Creek, recently died. Our sympathy to Homer Doug and Nancy and both of their families.

Libby Day Smith had her grand opening for her newly opened shop. I think the name is Foolish Pleasures and Yesterday’s Treasures. She had free soup bean dinners that day, fixed over an open fire. Mattie Jean and Doris stayed most of the day. Bob, Sue, Colleen and I walked over to visit and eat, as did many others in the community. Wish her success in her venture. She will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Saturdays.

Also, that same Saturday, James and Alex and Porter Breeding had their housewarming open house. Lots of family, friends and neighbors came by to see their new home and to wish them well. It is on the mountainside of Burton Hill and the view from their windows and porches was beautiful, especially with the fall foliage and the refreshments Pam and the girls had made were delicious. Porter was excited to have friends to play with in his new home.

Bob, Estill Blair, Rodney Ison and I spent one evening hunting and rounding up Rodney’s cattle. Ended up the fence was down in a couple of spots and Tony Little and Estill Blair helped to repair the fence. On the day Estill and Rodney worked, they saw a large bear and two small bears.

Then a few days later, Tony Little was deer hunting and came across a bear on the same mountain above Dixon Memorial Church. I think they are everywhere now.

To repay us for helping with the cattle, Rodney and Geraldine took Bob and me, Estill and Alma Rose Blair out to have dinner together. After, we all attended Big Cowan Church.

Kenneth and Anna Lou Blair were here visiting a few weeks ago. Mary Jo and Anna Lou stopped by Libby’s and my shops, while Kenneth stayed with Lillie Moss Hale. Kenneth later visited with Tony Blair and watched football. Mary Carolyn had fixed them dinner. She took Geraldine Ison shopping in Norton, Va., while the menfolk watched the game.

Before the wind and rain moved in last Thursday, I took Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bonita and Liberty across Pine Mountain and to Kingdom Come State Park where we ate a picnic lunch. We came back through Little Shepherd Trail to Gordon and Leatherwood. The trees were beautiful and it was good to be out as a family. It was Dad’s idea and we’re glad we took that day to go before the wind took most of the leaves off.

On Sunday after Mount Olivet Church, Bob and I drove over Pine Mountain to visit Eugene and Mary Shepherd at Colliers Creek. Eddie and Ashley Creech were there too. We only stayed a short while so we wouldn’t wear Mary out. She hasn’t been feeling well, but was doing fair that day. They are a sweet couple, loved by all who know them, and members of Blair Branch Church.

We came back by Letcher Manor and talked with Mary Blair, Luetta Dixon, Coman Caudill, Buggy Adams, Virginia Dare Back and Mabel Jo Buttrey, and Bob spoke with Astor Blair too. I always speak to Jimmie Faye Caudill too. There are so many we know there at this time. Vada Caudill was in the dining hall with Sharon Adams visiting her. Ernie, Janie and Mark Caudill were visiting Coman.

All of these folks love to have company if anyone has time to just stop and say hello. You will usually get a smile from them.

Terry Caudill got able to go home and stay with his dad Bill for now. I saw his truck as his Papa Dock Adams’s home on Monday.

On our way home from there, we dropped in on Bill and Joyce Adams. Joyce was having outpatient surgery this past Tuesday and hopefully all went well with her.

Johnny Combs drove to Morehead Saturday to visit with his uncle Luther and Betty Jo Adams, and to take them a few items from home, family keepsakes.

That’s all the time I have for now. Hope all have a good week.

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