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Rolling-pin art is fun!



Roll out a rainy-day art project with kids using an unlikely printing tool: a rolling pin. Budding artists won’t forget the fun of creating oodles of posterpaint prints of patterns and graphic designs on construction paper, cardstock (for a snazzy set of stationery) or even on the walls of a cardboard playhouse.

This clever printing technique isn’t just for kids, so get in on the creating, too. Add some artsy touches to your home by rolling out acrylic paint on fabric for one-of-a-kind designs. Think of all the possibilities — table runners, placemats or pillows to toss on your couch to brighten it up for spring.

Here’s the stuff you’ll
• standard rolling pin

(toy rolling pins work well
for small hands)
• thin cardboard, grocery store bag or plastic
wrap to cover and protect
the rolling pin
• scissors
• tape
• self-adhesive craft foam
for making shapes
• pencil
• household items such
as twine, string, rubber
bands, bubble wrap, etc.,
for designs

• paper for printing.
(Freezer and art paper on
rolls works well for big projects) • poster paint
• paper plate or tray
• small paintbrush
Here’s the fun:
1. Leaving handles exposed, cut cardboard, bag or
plastic wrap to cover rolling
pin. Secure tightly with tape.
2. Attach shapes and
For foam sheet printing: Draw shapes and alphabet letters on the foam
sheet using a pencil. Cut
out, peel off the paper, and
press on the covered rolling
pin, keeping in mind how
designs will be printed on
the paper. For a continuous
design, attach cutouts close
together. Alphabet letters
must be affixed backward.
(If you only have plain foam
sheets, use household glue

on the backside and let dry
For household item
printing: Wind household string or twine tightly
around the rolling pin. The
rounds may be close or far
apart. Tape ends in place.
Or, attach rubber bands
around the rolling pin however you wish. You also

could wrap bubble wrap
around the rolling pin and
tape in place.
3. Pour a puddle of paint
on plate or tray, and spread
it around with the brush.
Roll the pin in the paint to
coat shapes and designs,
then roll on the paper.

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