Whitesburg KY

Romanian missionaries visit

Oh! Happy day. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and everyone will probably eat too much turkey and pumpkin pie. Then Christmas is just around the corner and more food to eat. Then we’ll probably say why did I do that?

Oh! Well, it’ll be fun (I guess).

Wednesday ( today) is our Thanksgiving dinner and potluck at Ermine Center. Also Eugene Slone from the Sheriff ’s Department will be there to talk to us. He will be back at our center Dec. 6 to take pictures like he does every year.

We are planning our Christmas party for Dec. 16. So you see, we have a lot going on.

Last week Joe Walker visited our center. Glad to see you, Joe. Come back soon.

On Monday, Nov. 7, we had a couple to visit our center from Romania. They were Joe and Nina Jenks. They are missionaries. They have been in Romania for 10 years. Nina is from Whitesburg and they were sent there from First Baptist Church in Whitesburg. Nina said they work with the children in their village of Poplacoe. They host Bible school every summer and from 200 to 250 children, parents and grandparents attend. They partner with a child evangelist fellowship who does the teaching. It was very interesting to have them and tell us all this.

Vina Lucas is on Cloud 9 as she is having all her family for Thanksgiving dinner but one daughter, Loueta, as she was having her family for dinner. She lives in Louisville.

Twelve senior citizens from Ermine Center and two workers went to the East Kentucky Expo Center for a Veterans Day celebration. They watched the parade and saw the C-130 aircraft fly over. Ed Pike got real excited as he served on a C-130 when he was in the Air Force. They saw and heard Lee Greenwood sing several songs including “I’m Proud to be an American”. The veterans were honored and different ones made speeches. They ate breakfast at Bob Evans before going to the Expo Center.

After everything was over, they went shopping then ate dinner at Steak and Shake. I didn’t go because I had a bad foot and could hardly walk. Glad they all had a great day.

Our good buddy Joe Bentley isn’t doing too well right now. He’s having some tests run. Hope you get OK, Joe, and back with us as we miss you very much. We miss Doris too.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my column as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, but this probably will be my last one as someone else from our center is going to write it. Thanks to you all.

So stay good and pretty. God bless until next time.

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